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Daddy's Girl
I liked the view, but I loved you
As I sat on your shoulders
When I was just a child,
We were admiring some pretty flowers
On our land…where they grew up wild.

You were so loving and attentive in my childhood
We’d take our walks in the snow and listen for the deer,
You’d muse at my curious chatter as we planted myriads of flowers.
I’d tell you my secret plans and sing to you my songs to hear.

You’d smile that smile and your eyes would glow
As you held me tenderly in your arms,
I pretty much followed you everywhere
And you delighted in my little girl charms.

When I was growing up I’d tell you stories
That made you laugh and sometimes made you cry,
You’d then give me the warmest hugs and kisses
Of which there was always an abundant supply.

You and grandpa were my inspiration
To write my stories and my poems down,
Because you were often reciting the works of other poets
As well as your own poems
When you and grandpa were still around.

I’ve sung to you my songs since childhood
And you always listened to them with pride,
Especially when I would sing the ballads
That seemed to give you peace inside.

As a young woman, you said that you admired my talents
But…that I was a dreamer, headstrong, with a mind of my own.
Well, I have embraced those observations, dad,
As being some of the greatest gifts from God that I have known.

Still, if you had put your ear to my lips, so softly
And listened for awhile,
You would have heard the lions raging
In the shadows of my smile.

My dear father, I have loved you and I have lost you
So many times before,
And after each time, we got to know each other
Just a little bit more.

It is through the eyes of love
That I greet you each and every day,
After I awaken from the womb of sleep
And before I get down on my knees to pray.

You’ve brought much joy to the world and to my heart
As I dream of your skies of azure blue,
Praying that you don’t forget to remember
That daddy’s girl will always be loving you.

When I can’t smile without you
I will plant some flowers on your grave,
To make the colors of my love come alive for you
In memory of the sweet love you gave.

I will stand right here beside you, dad
And sing to you your favorite songs,
‘Danny Boy’ and ‘Ave Maria’
As I brush back the tears that will surely come along.

We will always be joined together in spirit
And for this, I will give thanks to the Lord above,
So too, did he give me these words I write, to my dad,
The first man that I would ever love!

In memory of my dad on Father's Day


© 2019 MARYT.LIVE (All rights reserved)


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