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My Love For You


Teach dear Love that to crown one's love's not wrong
Nor to expand her realm with poetry's pen
Nor wish her reign be note worthy and long,
That light through my beard shows in words often
And small words make large strong palaces grand.
Teach dear Love that her silvered crown won't fade
As my silver hair turns white, since words stand
Long after thoughts place diamonds on parade.
May my diamonds come from the deepest mines,
May the silversmith have skill kings long for;
Teach me dear Love there's nothing that confines
Vast empires built for those whom we adore.
May my long words be short and large books fill
And her realm last when I'm over the hill.

The eager Poet sees his love everywhere;
As Venus, in visions, in star patterns,
In life's maze of troubles, we hardly bear;
Beach or pool embracing as a lover yearns.


Oh first bright night star, ever there for me,
So steadfast, as steadfast as Love itself;
Not alone in the Heaven's splendid sea
With lids apart watching over my health;
Patient as nature reflecting at night
In the still water of the family pool
Bringing you closer so I could touch your light
Slowly entering the pool to keep cool,
No! mainly to make you blink with a kiss
And to rest my head on your rounded breast
To feel again its soft fall and swell bliss
Wishing to wake mornings in sweet unrest.
Oh first bright night star, ever there for me,
The Maker of all made you so lovely!


Oh Goddess! hear my deep voice sing to you
Of our grand secrets for our ears only;
Dreamt today or did I see something true
As I wandered the desert aimlessly?
From a garden of a mansion there waved
A maiden with white gardenias in her hair;
This loveliest vision I'd seen, engraved
On my heart and in my mind a love rare.
Oh Goddess! do not be distressed at all;
My heart challenged me who is this beauty?
And my mind did not for the vision fall
Till my body ran knowing it was thee!
Now I'm not surprized you are everywhere,
In the sky, on earth, in fact anywhere!


Oh she met me, my beauty in a maze
Upon life's rugged way, then she lured me
Towards Paradise where sweet love of days
And nights gives the season's gifts graciously.
Oh she showed me summer's joy, winter's hope,
Spring's newness - led me to light, life and peace;
She's my sweet lioness (I cannot mope)
She's bright eyed - scouts the Heavens, love to increase.
She wanders the windless Heavens for me
Amid stars, planets and the giant moon
Which burns beautifully and her lips lovely
Whisper her prance to the world - love's her boon!
Oh we are lovers of the earth and sky
That she's everywhere I wonder not why.

The eager Poet sees his love everywhere;
As Venus, in visions, in star patterns,
In life's maze of troubles, we hardly bear;
Beach or pool embracing as a lover yearns.


From you I have been absent last summer
Dressed proudly, outfitted by your skilled hand:
Purple and orange cap as I saunter
Shading alien rays not in sun's command;
Laughed heartedly in white T-shirt as heart
Kept the best warmth for you way over there;
Navy shorts hid my loins only you chart
And brown sandals are special that I wear;
They are for walking in your love's circle
As I pick sweet flowers with love's scent and hue,
Each one for each moment your eyes did sparkle
When I tried on all my trim with you.
From you I have been absent summer last
Dressed proudly and yet tonight I'm downcast.


I love you, I love you tonight my love.
I am not often ill for I am strong;
Be my nurse, pamper me oh my dear love,
Tonight I need you the most - aches aren't wrong.
Mop my brow, sing to me of your dear love;
Breathe on me, cool my chest, restore my zest,
Give me iced cooled drinks, run a cool bath love.
Am I guessing a nurse in love is best?
I love you, I love you tonight my love;
Perhaps you're not well and you need my skill.
We've played doctor and nurse before my love,
Maybe tonight you need me cause you're ill?
I love you, I love you especially tonight;
To love you, though over there, feels so right.


With little to do or see off the net
Of things in its great world grown large for me,
Spirit I talk to you so I don't fret,
Praising you hourly for you are worthy.
Oh I can call you up from anywhere
In nature or surrounded by man's works
But best you grace me in the park with care;
Yet nowhere my sad face your sweet love shirks
Walking along the river in the sun
Playing with similes many a name
I give you, missing-type-names everyone
For I miss my love's earthly face and frame.
I miss you in the day and in the night
And on the net I miss your eyes so bright.

Separation of lovers by distance
Either weakens the love affair greatly
Or strengthens imagination and chance
For love to rise up to last eternally.

8. Here the Poet's imagination is fed by distance and his great love.

That is her balcony with the candle
Burning brightly this very warm calm night
Beckoning to me 'cross the sea's mantle
Saying 'Here am I!' then fading from sight.
There she is at my window peeping in
Oh but that's her spirit moving outside
Born in my mind, born out of wishing
Seas were only rivers with bridges wide.
In all my visions she will always be
Dissolving the landscape, removing things
That pose barriers to being with me;
Ne'er will I wish her spirit not to have wings.
Oh cruel distance, spirit you can't crush -
Halt the body, but not the spirit's rush!

9. The Poet sees that distance takes its toll.

My photo does not persuade me I am old
So long as your love has interest in me
But when I see that others age and told
You grow younger, distance makes me worry.
Although all the beauty that covers you
Is in my heart and mind forever more
As love you give me, has permanence too;
Being so far away makes me love sore.
Oh truly time marches as we ponder
Possible moments that suit to pursue;
Presume not through distance my heart's weaker.
Oh stronger is my resolve to hold you.
But brute forces of distance do deny
Love's normality so our love's awry.

10. The Poet imagines his love is with him, which is sad if distance denies it from ever happening.

Oh like two pillows swollen on the bed,
Pregnant, the river banks produced white flowers,
White gardenias to pick and crown your head
As we sat in the golden elm shade for hours
One anothers best, hands cemented fast,
Causing our eye beams to twist and thread eyes
On golden string to make our gazes last;
Eyes and hands thus make us one in deep sighs.
We said nothing at all; in ecstasy's fun,
Knowing our souls the river walked together
Also in absorption being one.
The white gardenias in your hair spoke though;
Guaranteed love kind and pure without woe.

Separation of lovers by distance
Either weakens the love affair greatly
Or strengthens imagination and chance
For love to rise up to last eternally.


Hold this poem close my love, watch the words grow
And do the Wizard's dance, half shuffle - kick;
He seems worlds away but his heart beats show;
Your heart, his heart structure love - that's heart's trick.
Life has future, our hearts have more warm beats;
This poetry portrays potential with word dance
Plus passion, flowers and foolish email feats
Of heart being warmer with time's advance.
Lovers hearts are near, lovers hearts are far,
Hold this poem close my love then we are near -
Our heart beats unheard 'til closer we are;
Thumb through the poems, each page opened thumps dear.
Hold this poem close my love, feel our hearts beat,
Ours is romantic love - 'Poem! dance our feet!'


Love, never, never long banish your Bard,
My poems are speechless unless they're much read,
The sweets of daydreams, this poet's bait, waste hard,
Beauty's meaning that's meter's heart beat's dead.
Love, never, never banish this Poet Knight,
With Love's pleasure poor rhymes become rich rhymes,
The choicest ripe fruit sad words pick in Love's light -
Miserable words they remain dark times.
'Twhen looks like rain each line lingers longer
For 'tis romantic to be wet when man
With woman in cold rain does warm kiss her.
Love, never, never banish from the land
This Poet, this Bard who in love works with sweets
But heart empty would be full of deceits.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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