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As we drove down the lane
It was sunny and bright,
Today had been a good one
A pure beautiful delight.

We unpacked the car
And strode in the house,
Everything was quiet
You couldn't hear a mouse.

A day of contentment
Peace and goodwill,
You could even see the barley
Waving on top of the hill.

As the evening drew in
And the night sky grew black,
We heard some rumblings
Of a thunder attack.

The lightening lit up
The thunder went boom,
It was just as if
The thunder was in the room.

We held onto each other
We feared for our lives,
As a thunderbolt of lightening
Came zooming down from the skies.

We took a direct hit, a hole in the roof
That damned killed my daughter Ruth,
And to this day I thank god up above
That she is still alive for us to love.

By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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