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Ribbons of Gold
Ribbons of gold he wove
Around wisps of her long black hair,
As they snuggled up together to watch the golden sunrise
On this deserted old fishing pier.

They were awed as they watched
God’s masterpiece of color in so many hues,
While songbirds greeted the morning
Along with the daisies and buttercups laden with its dew.

They marveled at the serene beauty
Of the sailboats gliding along in the distance,
Reminding them of the beach party where they first met
When he got up the courage to ask her to dance.

He was looking for that courage now to say, “I love you”.
She could see it in his eyes,
But before he could speak, the summer rain began to fall
Sending them homeward as fast a hummingbird flies.

As they reached her porch soaked and laughing
He held her in his arms…then kissed her lips soft and slow,
“I love you, honey, more than I can possibly say
And I just needed you to know.”

She put her arms around his neck and kissed him back,
“Sweetie, I’ve known it all along,
But I love you more for telling me so...
For in each other’s arms is right where we belong.'

Out of love, he promised he would paint her a picture
With his artist, loving hand,
Of them walking along hand in hand at the beach together
Or maybe, one of them building castles in the sand.

The beauty of his promise so touched her
That she gave him the present she made him for his birthday,
He untied the ribbons of gold around the box
And his eyes began to blur…in a manly kind of way.

This was her declaration of love to him
She had written him a summer melody of song,
On parchment with dainty rosebuds and gold around the edges
And he decidedly let go of the tears as he continued to read along.

‘On Wings So Soft’

‘On wings so soft may you fly, my love
As I give to you the essence of a garden of summer flowers,
A happy song, of a river running through a glen…
And the sweet smell of old mother earth
After one of April’s glorious showers.’

‘I give to you the only power you need, my love
This is to laugh and smile as you go through life,
A power that no one can take away from you
And one that will never cause you strife.’

‘I give to you a zest for life never ending
That fills your whole being with pleasure,
A fire that is always burning…
And a passion that beats without measure.’

‘Lastly, I give to you my love
That comes from my very core,
A deeper love you will never find
For you are the one that I adore.’

He put the song back in its box
Saying ‘thank you’ through his tears,
He then caressed her cheek and stroked her hair
As he promised to love her for the rest of his years.

Once again, he kissed her deeply…
While holding her lovingly in his arms,
They then cuddled peacefully as one, on the porch swing
Enjoying the ribbons of colors that made up a rainbow,
While delighting in the symphony…of summer’s many beautiful charms.

My sample Poem for the Sunshine Fun Challenge

Titles used~~1. serene beauty 10. sailboats 21. God's masterpiece of colors 7. Walking along hand in hand at the beach


© 2019 MARYT.LIVE (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - SUNSHINE FUN CHALLENGE (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - SUNSHINE FUN CHALLENGE (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - SUNSHINE FUN CHALLENGE (challenge has been closed)

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