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Underneath the setting sun
By the river of glory sat I,
It had been a glorious afternoon
As the last page of my book gave a sigh.

A chilling breeze touched my cheeks
I felt at ease with nature's delight,
The love I felt I cannot explain
But it was of purity and light.

The twilight whispered through the trees
The serenity was beyond compare,
The world seemed strangely silent
As the swans swam by without a care.

As if they and I were not of reality
But of some strange mist of time,
I looked around the park it was peaceful
I had smelt the roses this day in this rhyme.

The love in my heart overflowed
I had felt nothing like this before,
I realised that the swans were angels
I wept with happiness until my eyes were sore.

For God in all his blessing
Had chosen a person like me,
He sent the angels on this day
To lift the darkness so I could see.

See the beauty of each day
Mother nature's wonderful colour,
To make me realise how lucky I am
To have life to help my sister and brother.

By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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