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Take a kid right off the farm
with no light switches, off or on,
with no faucets from which
city people watered lawns.

Scrape his feet free of cow chips,
sticks and dirt in which he played,
and comb his hair free of
bits and pieces of loose hay.

Leave him to open hose bibs
when no oneís told him left or right
or, to flip on a switch
thatís supposed to provide a light.

If without proper guidance,
his experimenting one full day,
might leave all those affected
with need and tendency to pray.

In turn, though, this five year old
would be at home milking a cow.
Great sport would be to ride around
upon the back of some old sow.

There were many things farm kids
didnít yet know at that age.
But, they sure did know their manners
and, their schoolbooks, every page.

It proves thereís nothing stupid
about a farm-raised kid.
Those City kids would surely fail
to keep up with the things he did.

By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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