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Thinking Of You - ( of your beauty)


Truth; worth with beauty's flower I've happy plight
And therefore let me not forgo privillege,
Waste minutes, make little of moments' flight
Though far from the bloom blocked by prickly hedge.
Her beauty's beautiful as love not lost,
Where slaves ask for slavery to service give,
Where words which writers use fail there's great cost
But I praise despite words die, short they live -
For love's worth not failure's worry dampened
Fills lines with love - pretty's pain beauty won,
To live and die when glory's been tasted,
Poor poet made rich - poor words shine like the sun.
Such beauty charters what's worthy, what's not -
Silently I write, loud heart beats won't stop.


Love Spirit plumed with strong desires descend,
Float no more above the earth, here live I.
Enter window's welcome, follow your friend
Moonbeam who bounces on my pillow's sigh
Who knows beneath shy namesake's photo hides
To comfort night long, every night lonely.
Shadow tracks your flight of fire, I'm waiting -
You wander in and wonder drowns sad me.
We dance upon the double bed laughing,
You marvel at all your photos around,
Touched I keep candles to light eyes paling
And now twenty eyes dance and smile - Love's found!
Love Spirit plumed with strong desire poem me,
Sit cross legged on glad bed, recite feel free.


How lightly do I travel to your place
When what I seek, rest for my heavy head
On softness that makes dull eyes light my face.
Do skip though heaviness aches need your bed;
A smile I force myself to see, for men
Are more aware of that which them pleases
Yet the smile tells how deeply and often
They may bury yearning face in warm seas
To drown in pleasure and travel further;
So lightly I'll travel to your abode,
Hold heavy head high to see smiles infer
How lightly my hard heavy will explode.
Not heavy handed will be my hand's hold
But give fingers signs they're too light not bold.


If fame should strike us kindly summertime
For ready seeds are sleeping in the soil
Where summer, sum of many smiles can blind
This poet who laughs with life in beauty's toil
For sweet words for swords, nectars of goodness
Grab the pen baring grand perfumed refrains
Like fluid dance you do to moonlight's request
As you sing your unique love songs with strains
That bind my heart as all hearts to love's cause
Then may our fame money make to drain seas,
Build bridges, join cities and make wars pause.
Oh fame strike us kindly this summer please!
I believe in miracles my dear -
Glad to see you do too for one is near.


That cottage on the wall looks down and winks
As though real and lures the pleased Poet upstairs
Who looks through small glass squares of different pinks
Made so by coloured walls or praps downstairs
The rose garden you're gardening calling him
Not by voice but beck'ning, bending, moving,
Displaying every womanly hot sin
Which he watches till rosed sunlight madd'ning
His wants of her breasts bests his best resolve
To entice her or witness all thighs' calls.
Barefeet between the roses he'd best resolve
But her breasts, long hair touching caused stair falls.
That cottage on the wall looks down no smiles -
Cottage too wanted prolonged wicked wiles.


Sweet Love, think not that forever isn't ours
For just one moment together embraced,
Of earthly flowers we need drink their odours
And their coloured petals touch in love laced,
By an earthly rainbow be stirred deep souled
Together like we're not been stirred before,
Make lots of not lone loud sounds as of old
But together sounds we both do adore.
Some say that gleams from Love's spirit visit
While we sleep and death is only slumber
Where our love's bed's lively evermore - It
Is true! - Just one more moment together
Anywhere, anytime you wish - make sure
There are flowers, rainbows and love's bed's secure.


When we have no choice but twice celebrate
And place our merits on summits airless
We'll feast on fast food, fast not on flesh's plate
And prove our talent though base lust needs less.
You know my weakness and you make it strength
For my words you show the world their wonder
Yet metaphors at length though measure length
Paint outer beauty, hide what's inner
Or battles would fight and would lose not win
For somewhere, somehow some knight might study
My every-word for the prize promotes wind -
Your talents, some lalent, mostly seen, aren't free.
Such is my love, to you strong willed belong
Knowing stronger poetry weakens not hearts strong.


With his mind dancing, crossing savage waves,
Roaming days passed, love-pain praised for contrast -
The rain, the clothes falling from the line saves,
The city lights take over the moon's task -
Nothing can dampen the Poet's deep sweet thoughts
He's so much of earth, so much of heaven
And such passioned in blood his poetry hate courts.
If his Goddess of Love scowled thrice even
Or more, 'Too late' he would cry 'Far too late
For I've been blessed with love for evermore.'
Not that She would for Love rebukes all hate,
Love loves a lover, paused pain makes him soar.
With his mind dancing, crossing savage waves
The Poet smiles to his sweetheart, miles he braves.


I sought enlight'ment love's truths to teach me
Walking along the river of birds' song
And Blackbird you shone in song cleverly
Black gowned, bright eyed with ready gold beak long
Telling on behalf of nature, secrets.
Darling Blackbird your sweet mind shows its tune
Far above other birds; high standards sets;
Giver of songs, varied, sweet - weak ears ruin -
Pretty songs of love's depth and highs' passion;
Shakespeare heard them, Keats and Shelley I see.
Show me true light so my love's love lives on
Forever as mine from my singing spree.
Blackbird, black gowned, bright eyed I am listening -
My love loves me so your sheen isn't dulling.


Email me midnight or mail send slow
But midnight's best for I'm lonely for you.
Fear of courting, fear of failing does grow
Yet know poetry tips the scales my way too.
Why write? The prize is love, my greatest need
And fools miss the fast train to Paradise.
Every word has my name, my thought, my seed,
Showing wealth of character weak in vice.
Oh know sweet love I'll always of you write
For you and love are one goddess in truth.
So best my words are dressed best for the night
Not for flesh but thought, heart, your strong youth.
Email me midnight or one or two dear,
I'll respond and my response do not fear.


When I've received time wanted strange reward,
Made promise, like love unseen not purchased,
When before my eyes chance to plunge poet's sword,
For your kiss kindled raging fire that raced;
When promise unsaid but meant pushes hard
Since the unknown pleasure kingdom calls 'soon'
And your lips, two times two thicken the bard
Increasing the chance promised some full moon;
When by waiting passion will be poetry
Or in some eyes down right lustful pleasure,
Which they say in love needs no skill - thankfully
But skill in poetry will gain full measure.
This thought is not the only thing valued -
With love's friction, friction love's never lewd.


What do my eyes hide that poetry could tell
Which once learned would not fail prompt sweet holding -
What manner of manhood, what new deep well
Would give like gold does, could kisses be winning?
Nothing, for my eyes speak all about me,
Gentleness, kindness, loving, and well they speak;
Nothing! I pray not, there's something you can see
Through poetry that prompts sweet holding's high peak
So that lasting love in love's flesh soon shows
Beauty that's promised, word, hint, sign and sigh
But know without flesh, with much love life throws
Blossoms of happiness and drifts scents by.
Every poem I write I lure you with gold,
Guess at that which triggers our flesh love hold.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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