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The Great Abyss
In the abyss, you may hear an echo
a voice that whispers sweet nothings
they are just that, nothing more to you
empty words from a hollow empty heart
that never cared for your love, your mind
a mortal wound of a long forgotten affair.

Why some walk the walk and talk the talk
counted among the many that deny your love
what love provides for eternity, over and over.
So few ever find, so few never remember a love
found in ripples, two discovered skipping stones
rare gems, thrown by friends across a Great Pond.

Never-ever found beyond their rocky shores ahead
time lost to a lover's life, a fool's whispers of love
forbidden by a king a queen’s kiss now forgotten.
Dare shout out, bar them from this abyss of love
you know our tears and fears our faults of love
that erodes that exposed your innocence to all.

Bring back your love to end and seal this rift
love must return and stop the pain within you.
Explore the infinite realm of love to find a way
to forgive the lost love that once came your way.
Now you know you’re in the Great Abyss of love
there you painfully wait for love to return to you.

Poem 3 of 600 © Thomas Collins McGowan:

By poetotoe

© 2019 poetotoe (All rights reserved)


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