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John Brown's Drug Use
My friend and cousin 'John Brown' did drugs. He started out smoking pot when he was a teenager. Later, he started doing Meth and other drugs. I never did drugs but he did, and sadly that's what killed him. He overdosed or at least that's what I was told.

Let this be a lesson for any children who may be reading this. STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS! Drugs will eventually kill a person. John did drugs and sadly, drugs took his life. He died at the young age of forty-eight. I nagged him several times about getting some help, but he always refused. That's a sad thing. You can't force a person to get help.

I met John during the Fall of 1979 at school. My grandmother's maiden name was also Brown, and it turned out that John and I were related. I have uploaded a short video to Youtube about John's grave. The video is titled 'John Wayne Brown's Grave'. I will appreciate it if you'll watch my video. May John Rest in Peace.

By randy-johnson

© 2019 randy-johnson (All rights reserved)


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