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You HAVE My Heart!

Which red rose would you like handed right now
The one called Trust or the one called Romance?
The Poet found that Trust let him down one hour
Too many leaving powerless without chance
To more than forgive, passive wished active.
The one who breaks Trust is far better placed
Than one with pain and lost time, breakdowns give.
The Poet with the red rose Romance is graced
To make Cupid shooting arrows look lame -
The doer of good things, varied and grand,
No longer receiver of ill, with the blame.
Yes the Poet holds out Romeo's hand
Even climbs to Juliet's balcony.
Romance is the rose for you too? Agree?

Romance is the turning of liking into loving. 'Two Hearts Two Cities' shows romance winning and maintaining more than just ordinary love. Order through Zora Knight the illustrator of the ViVid loVe gained through romance. - knightly100@hotmail


Swift Spirit, swiftly with wings through the night,
In glory, in good faith coming for me
In darkness yet your garments bright with light
Where brush strokes, painted beauty painstakenly
Show splendour, show the sun's mystic power
To portray woman, poetry for man
More than need and want, more heart beat each hour.
Night birds know of your approach; tell and plan
With awakened flowers to sweet kiss the air.
I feel the freshness of the breeze and bow
To your beauty of the night rich and rare
And in a wondrous trance in emotion plough.
Swift Spirit with wings you come here to me -
Bereft I would be without your beauty.


Let your gown touch the chair as you walk past
As though I'm there, as though your gown touched me
Then two not one become one, feast not fast -
Leaves brush leaves, petals slide on petals, see,
See the light light up the corner, feel new;
Know your gown alters love, feel more from here;
That's stolen at the time the chair swoons too -
For every leaf, every petal I'll care
And fallen, with them I'll spell your name
And fan like your sweeping gown, love to spell.
Oh let your gown touch the chair and love flame!
He who loves you most , the most your gown will tell.
But do not do so while I sleep tonight
Unless you wish love to over excite.


I want to do nothing with you tonight;
That came out wrong but you know what I mean.
I feel like doing nothing much tonight;
I want to do it with you - know what I mean?
I can do nothing and I want to share;
Doing nothing is no fun on your own.
Know you don't mind when for nothing I care;
Oh that came out wrong - that you know you've shown.
Being able to do nothing's an art,
Oh with you it is happiness on Earth;
Sit on my lap, learn nothing by heart;
That came out wrong - let's to nothing give birth.
Being together's like nothing there is,
Oh there is nothing like together bliss!


Where in nature is my sweet love today
As I meander along the river
Searching for signs of her presence in May?
(At night she is the sliver of silver.)
Not in the green grass greener in sunlight,
Nor in the weeping willow which is sad;
Reflections of the day in the river bright
Offered - then something made my heart glad.
Picked up a fluffy sphere white as my beard;
Blew it and tiny parachutes flew out -
One hung in the May air and it appeared
To signal me it was love - no doubt!
Inhaled some white roses as home I roamed -
Saw whiteness everywhere! 'My love!' I moaned.


Her splendour echoed 'round the valley's heart,
Creatures knew she approached though 'twas deep night,
Quiet river her guide past thieves' darkest part -
I greeted the beauty made bold, made bright.
The owl did hoot, clouds fled and full moon beamed,
The spirit woman smiled and beckoned me
Her splendour a spell 'pon poet's heart dreamed.
I waved to creatures peeping, moon cloud free,
We danced and sang, spirit woman and I -
Followed our echoes through the valley's heart,
The owl did hoot, clouds fled while moon did sigh;
The Poet had never had love like she sparked.
Creatures knew we approached though 'twas night deep
Not by owl nor moon - 'cause love's voice shunned sleep.


Those trees outside your bower have certain power
To make strong those with flowers on their pillows,
For gathered by lovers in their finest hour
Promotes deep love like wind in a sail billows.
Flowers in their hair, dreams are led lovely climbs
Away from valleys of the false worldly.
Breathing in their freshness calms the tensed times
And between the fingers heightens clearly
A lover's touch as flowers softly touch air.
Send me some flowers of the trees by your bower,
Breathe on them, kiss them, wear them in your hair
Then flowers will make my heart come that hour.
The trees outside your bower suggest to me
Follow shade and climb to your balcony.


Made bold by your love the Poet peeps at you
In bed asleep all winter warm, toes out
And with wizardry he transports the scene
To Outback's warm springs and your toes dip in;
You wake not so your bed clothes removes he
And low and behold your nudity divine!
Engulfed then by the fluid of the spring
A smile, a blush, a flush appears on your face.
Enough is enough thinks the wizard pleased
And he transports you back to bed back home
Where you awake and not frightened at all
By the Poet made bold; you smile and you blush
Your toes pull in, never ever to tell
The spell you worked too, to embellish his.


The Wizard and the Princess took shelter
From the sudden storm that frightened the night -
With dry black robes they laughed hail did pelter
Windows lit with their candles that lit bright
Her golden stars, his silver stars on black.
She had beauty, she was wiser than he
But the Wizard loved her and wished it fact
That she loved him without his spell - hence free -
Yet her beauty bewitched brave hearts who saw
And thousands sought her hand with shallow mind.
The Wizard lifted his spell 'cause she swore
She would only choose a man deep and kind.
The Wizard studied her every word well,
Learned Nature's nuture but cast one more spell!


For you sweet love I've found this red rose wild
To cast its petals in your bath to please
Then we can breathe the same sweet scent with guile.
'Wild Red Rose take us back where my love sees
The wildness of her youth - my youth was tame.'
Dear love take away all dull thoughts taught me
That none is good, waiting's best - fear of blame,
That love's the teacher not action lovely.
Be wild with this too religious boy's flesh
But know my deep love will double pleasure
And spill over you pure poetry, love fresh,
Love felt, love gentle, love's whole wild measure!
Know that now I'm a wizard your youth's made,
Expect the unexpected, though love's staid.


The Lady caught me in the woods dreaming
Where I was dancing, rhyming, singing songs.
She put me in her golden book thinking
I might escape but my heart belongs.
The book when opened played love tunes sweetly,
The world loved it as the moon shone golden
And her star love actor went on one knee.
In her land saw a lovely lioness den,
A long way off, a pleasure, a poet's dream.
I went there once, I went there twice for more.
I filled her book, she filled mine - sugar and cream,
Many a smile, many a kiss instore.
I'm not trapped in her book, nor she in mine -
Wish I was, wish she was - 'twould be divine!

Wanting more style since fashion said she should
And feeling left behind while some girls shone
The farm girl thought a playboy sought ought win
Her status which may have worked if sound.
He looked like a playboy, he played with them
But he was super-religious and failed
At knowing all that real playboys should know.
Was she romancing buying playboy clothes,
Going round the world with him all her say?
He let her be herself but he didn't grow.
Romeo must soar in spirits if he
Is to romance as Romeo should do -
Does help if he's teamed up with Juliet
For love romances wisely - then again maybe not.

Read of romance turning liking into loving in 'Two Hearts Two Cities' ordered through
Zora Knight the illustrator -

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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