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Loving Act

Why does the rough wind blow if not to dust
The plants of the world? - a most loving act;
More like our sweet mother than our father
And why does dust fall and settle if not
For some great purpose whereby love can be
Shown such a simple and wonderful way -
Flicks of the pretty wrist yet overlooked
As major in our lives as so much is.
If the rough wind outside never blew again
Men would make up myths of times gone by
Telling of a more loving era
When thousands of things showed love, disguised by love
To find the thoughtful man who deserved most
The thousand and one ways his Lady loved him.


Unnumbered treasures dear Goddess you hide
And this Poet-Knight delved in magic's strength learned
So spell by spell opened paths barred now wide.
The first spell through poetry your sweet smile earned,
The second spell your heart stormed so I thought
Yet Goddess no spell took over, you gave -
Amazed at my powerlessness I still fought
Though more childlike, and fierce knighthood did waive,
With weapons now smiles and trips unplanned -
Each piece of love given cherished as man,
Small sees the worldly, large feels the Poet - grand! -
Wasted magic makes gold from gold, the plan.
Unnumbered treasures dear Goddess still lie
Deep in your chambers; I'll smile till I die.


If eyes glimpsed your knees hands would not be pleased
For they do not understand duration
They'd have to wait while lips sweet talked, that eased
Mists so eyes, hands, lips and knees could function.
So unfair eyes are first with beauty's fare
And even delight in hands' daring-do.
Hands are taken back when eyes are first there
To see signs Thought's poetry provokes in you
For didn't right-hand hold the pen? Why last then?
Eyes know they glow when hands' pace is slow
And lips taste more when hands pace does quicken
So why must hands wait when knees beauty show?
Says Thought to selfish hands 'I work long hours
And plan, so wait till our love smells the flowers.'


I hear the Lady's walk though bare feet glide
For her toes call my eyes and ankles heart
And missing such treats each other would chide
But still ears would hear wind-waft that's gown's part.
What manner of man whose mood would not rise? -
Not lusty man, and man in love not too?
All would say 'Live limbs swirl the gown for our eyes.'
The danger is that lust turns to love new;
A danger for love for one love should hear
What all eyes want 'Live limbs swirl the gown' sound.
I hear the lady's walk though bare feet tear
My eyes with beauty's thrall and miss the gown.
Would lust miss not one thing? or be most blind
Till 'live limbs swirl the gown' sound, changed heart's mind?


At night the river called, her banks to walk,
With earthless essence my mortal mould bold
And when I stood outside myself to talk
The plump large red star spoke strange things of old.
'You still grieve missing total love's magic -
Most poets claim this chasm which stars may make;
Annoint your pen with dragon's blood - be quick
And hearts afraid will put forth love's high stake.'
Inside myself I heard even stranger things
Once my annointed pen, thoughts pointed out -
Which new thought-worlds to my red starred room brings.
Now nothing matches thought's images' scout
But thought nor pen nor dragon's blood can beat
My Lady's heart smiled words - they can't compete.


If I could not hold both your heart and flesh
Mt Everest climbed would be less an event;
If climbed thus, man and mountain could not mesh
By making some mark so the mountain meant
The trembles, sighs and writing truth's history.
If I could not hold both your flesh and heart,
Could not climb, pitch my tent and night's stars see
On beauty's slopes, to heights bound, leave my mark
Then despite this I'd view days and record
All things of note, all things I'd found, all things
And write them down and show the world your hoard
Of treasures rare on earth and wish I'd wings.
You're my life's study and best I refrain
From climbs that might make you mute pen's main blame?


These pleasures no force could drag from me
Not even villian Time's mood swings ill schemed
Whose golden gift unwrapped fully's mockery
Where lovers wither in lust and love dreamed.
These pleasures of penned dances that I do
Will never wane but grow though Thought's limbs tire
For beauty's skill of birthing highs, with you,
Takes Time's rights to give golden moments fire.
These sweet pleasures that pass from mind to page
Could well last longer than earth's mind time
And cheat Time of his strength to beauty age
And my earth's last pleasured moment's divine.
This poet's in love and fortunate indeed
Since loving you Time can't less in me seed.


When we seek for things we think we're missing
Know that flowers will grow here as well as there,
Gentle swells of local waters have sting,
Music of summer leaves plays everywhere
And silence of the scene our ears must learn.
Seek not far off for long but it's your right -
Surely love's been breathing there that you yearn;
There will be music in your name tonight;
Hear my voice, let each gentle note convince
No other hour, no other place but ours
This moment of all time betters - don't wince,
Now, together we can venture for hours,
For days, for years, forever, ever sure
Things thought missing won't be, forever more.


Love's Victory throned in our dear thoughts and hearts
From those who shunned the shadows, mainly came,
Who looked behind night for day, ignored arts
Of twisting truth for self and shifting blame
While flying from the thing they feared full speed.
Love's Victory, a million moments like leaves
Not falling with time passing's new ground greed,
No! they collect light not shade that deceives,
They taste the light rains that's their's, live not die
And touch the next, vibrate on, their true tune
So that silent's the storm, no need to cry,
The leaves love, the leaves dance till young's the moon.
Love's Victory's throned in our dared hearts and thought
For we twist in love and in truth we're caught.


The child asked 'What is magic?' watching me
In my wizard's beard, grown because love's gone.
How could I answer the child? - smiled did he
So I told him stories some believe wrong
Of wizards wanting love across the seas,
Casting spells so ladies against their will
Travelled by land, by sea, by air here to please.
'Why won't she come, where is she in your spell?'
'Romance is magic that all men must weave
That makes her smile, that makes her heart beat fast;
Poor is my magic, my poems to deceive
The Princess with false love, such love doesn't last.
Magic like miracles brings beautiful things -
What is magic? - beard shaved and doorbell rings!'


I loved to teach things that I'd not been taught
Until my eyes in eyes of knowledge looked.
An eye's an eye until in love you're caught
And walking wisdom's way's says get not hooked;
To tell the tale as it is told - love slows
For passion wanes and face and figure too
Oh but think not that the youngsters' pace grows
When smiles of my love fill eyes with things new.
Men who love in haste regret in leisure -
Open eyes taught that haste makes men stumble
As men do, yet her eyes held forever.
Her eyes thousands of sonnets, love does tumble.
Foolish now to teach what I've not been taught
Since face and figure booked forever thought.


What strange thought, Princess! compels trail this Knight
To follow your footsteps ungainly shy?
Has swooned man had such grandeur, such delight
In planning to win you to further his sky?
What stranger cause yet to the Poet unknown
Could the Princess have to purposely please,
To lead while he thinks he searches lush ground? -
Who closed the curtain on shyness with ease?
The Poet-Knight or the Princess eclipsed plans
Of fame and fortune for love and pleasure?
The Poet gave his heart and words gave commands
For love's beauty dance long with good measure.
What strange thought, Princess! compelled Poet be Knight
And lose his heart, thus win his pen's fame-fight?


Let's talk like two who need facts of poor worth
Removed so one sign, one phrase can be found
That once known, once shown or said purges Earth.
Let's not say 'I love you' for that's sure ground,
Nor give some signs like smiles to waste our chance
To change the world, to find what devils hide.
Let's weave some spells like two who know the dance,
Danced in trance would enhance the whole world wide.
Let's consult the books, watch the stars and moon -
The words are there, there's a sign there, believe;
There's a war dance but believe war's sad tune
Is ended when they say our spell each eve.
Let's talk like two who know the facts that spell
What's said in close dance and saves the world as well.

There was this tall backpacker from London
Staying in the Blue Parrot in Sydney
Whom the hot girls said looked quite like James Dean
But it was a book that he would produce
And quote from that mainly won them over -
That 'the sweet sauces of love add delight' -
A misquote but near enough as he licked
Juiced fingers from his McDonald's burger
Then turned to drawings such as page sixteen.
The girls would tease him while watching TV
Whenever there appeared something which called
For 'the sweet sauces of love add delight.'
The smiles that he gained were worth the mocking
And the other guys saw to it that his book went missing.

VIVID LOVE EVOKES amazing feeling - see 'Two Hearts Two Cities' ordered through Zora Knight the illustrator of the book with VIVID artistry -

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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