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Having lived this long has built up an abundance of
thoughts that float around, awaiting gathering for rhyme.
During my youth, my focus was on daily tedium.
Lacking experience, I was surely not yet in my prime.

An idle thought these days will set upon my mind.
Sometimes, seeming unworthy, I decide to let it go.
At other times, magnetic, it collects related thoughts.
But will it build to rhyme? Early on, itís hard to know.

A pencil scratch, a note, a reminder just in case
can later be referred to and perhaps be built upon.
Sometimes it happens to inspire added words
that await my pen before my first morning yawn.

Experience with like, with hate, with envy and with love
have taught a set of values that are locked into my mind.
Now, after so many years of practicing all these,
it helps create verse that is somewhat more refined.

Itís the gathering, the sifting, the locking on a thought
that allows me to continue writing from verse to verse.
Itís the memories of places seen and things I have done.
I select them, write them down, with refusal to rehearse.

What is written is not always as I would choose or rather.
But, thereís a message to be read, however words may gather.


By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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