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An Angel Got Her Wings.

The angels must had danced and would sing
For now Evelyn got her golden wings.
And top of heavens stairway must had been her Bobby reaching out his hand
For now together they'd walk through the promise land.
Together Bobby and Evelyn can dance all night
As the angels light will shine so bright.
Together again for ever and ever
As they will fly with the angels together
She now is where she wanted to be
So glad she is now pain free.
Her family her friends will miss her every day
As time goes on she'll never be forgotten in any way.
When we think of her we can look up to heaven with love
As we can blow a kiss to the stars above.
As tears on earth here below
Silently tears will be as so hard to see her go.
Yes now she's at her home and we'll meet again someday
As I miss her I know she was special in many ways.
The day we met I'll never forget she was a blessing to me
In my heart she'll always be.
We talk on the phone or go to Wendy's a time or a few
I'm not her family but God put her in my life and I miss her too
She was a special friend to me
In my heart she left a special mark no one can see.

By just_little_me

© 2019 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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