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Hoping for More
You use my body against me
How it aches for your touch
My soul betrays me
By loving you so much

But I weep when I'm alone
For how dumb I've been
My heart is crushed
Everytime you leave again

You are always so close
But oh so far away
Will your heart ever love me
Will you ever choose to stay

I am cheapened by your use
And still I give myself freely
You are blinded by your greed
That you cant really see me

We are together in your eyes
As Im sittting here alone
As I spend eternity
Waiting by the phone

You will never love me
Not the way that I love you
I can see that clear as day
I know it is true

But still here I am
Hoping for more
Still here I am
Feeling like Im your wh**e

By Colored in Crimson

© 2019 Colored in Crimson (All rights reserved)


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