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Beautiful Magic Surrounds

Magic of beauty surrounds my soul
heart and mind.

Beautiful peace comforts me with
love flowing with light and grace.

Freedom rings in the depth of loves

How flowers bloom in beauty when
one wakes up without flaws of

When I saw the light shine within me
the first time, I thought I was only
dreaming awake, when it was a true
warmth coming from within, I closed
my eyes, found myself for the
first time knowing exactly where
I was from and what my mission
was here on this earthly plane.

Strange enough I feared nothing
my doubts were no longer doubts
but understanding of our Universe
becoming clear as glass, I shuffled
each illusion in my deeply formed
sub-consciousness finding the
oneness in me.

Now foundations build strength
beneath earthly weakness, I
can touch each moment before
it becomes reality.

Beautiful magic silently captures
my spirit leading me through
the vortex of eternal bliss.

(Life has just begun)

By derena

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)


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