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The 4th of July.
The fourth of July
Brings tears to my eyes.
As I hear the bang bang bang my mind travels back in time
Like my own world of mine.
I see the gun as he puts it to my stomach and said to me
Shut up stupid I'll shoot you yes the blood I still see.
I still see the pictures in my head
I still hear the words he said.
I though he killed my baby
Didn't even relized it was me.
Till my sister yelled out and blood was here and there
The pictures lives on in my mind some where.
As fireworks and New -Years Eve
My mind goes back in time on me.
I thank God for saving me letting me live as they gave me my last rites
When the Dr's said I wouldn't make it through the night.
God never left me and gets me through these flashbacks
As to God I give thanks for every thing and for helping me when my mind runs off track.

By just_little_me

© 2019 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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