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I am kept here in a place
thats hidden from all others.
To leave will show admission of
what I have discovered.

Drained of all desires or fear,
Im doing what I can to cope.
Before this night is over
they may hang me with a rope.

Theyll want to know Im silenced.
They fear the secret that I hold
may be taken to the outside
and others could be told.

What about the walls beyond?
What about the silent dogs?
If ever I should escape
I must take, too, the nightly logs.

Immersed within the symbols there
a stranger would see naught.
But, I can tell their secrets
as long as Im not caught.

I fear I would be thought
to be unstable as they say.
It may take some convincing.
Theyll listen when I speak, I pray.

Others kept here as I am
deserve to have their story told.
Give me now the courage to
be foolish, brave and bold.

Im creeping forth alone now
to gain my own release
and tell the world the secret of

Theyve seen me! Oh, no. Please

By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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