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When city living feels confining,
in my yard, Iíll be reclining
behind fence or block wall
thatís tall.

They keep neighbors at bay
in case I donít like what they say.
A fence can make one feel depressed.
But, best ó

Fences can also provide
an anchor for some vine of pride.
Once it leafs and blooms,
a barrier no longer looms.

The fence or wall becomes
a breath of fresh air for some
and muffles traffic noise and din
for those within.

One can pretend to open space.
One can escape the rat race.
Whether your fence be short or tall,
it can seem no wall at all.

Tall sunflowers hide fence boards
and give satisfying rewards
of brilliant blossoms rust and yellow
to make one mellow.

So, go home to your wall,
depressing, blank and oh, so tall
and let bleakness fill your heart
Or start

vines and flowers of your own.
Somehow youíll feel much less alone.
And, when friends join you in your yard,
theyíll find leaving hard.
Thereíll seem, Spring, Summer & in Fall
To be No wall at all.


By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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