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Have you ever noticed
The differences found
In your many friendships
All which feel quite sound?

I have often witnessed
Relatives behave on edge.
Almost as if blood connection
Forces in a wedge.

Then, again, when people
Stumble ‘cross each other,
They often find it easy
To like one another.

Bonds form and hold
Or weaken and are lost.
But, a true friend remains
And doesn’t count the cost.

Connected by a parentage
Often makes one feel they must
Acknowledge something special
Such as love and trust.

But, when potentially good friends
Can meet and feel content,
Each knows a certain bond
That pays more than is spent.

With any sort of luck
And with cards falling right,
Both friends and relations
Can share the same delight.

By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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