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News From Home
Sunlight slips right through the blinds
That are carefully pulled down
Drives me from my dreaming
And I woke up on the ground
The phone's ringing by my head
Just like I knew it would

News from home is never good

My brother stole another car
They're holding him downtown
My sister's telling everyone
That he's in the army now
Mama only says the things
That her husband says she should

News from home is never good

How did I get so far away?
It seems like only yesterday
I took those first few steps
Out the door and on my own
Look at me in the mirror now
I still see a thousand miles

But Ohio still don't feel like home

There is no way to go back now
Even if I wanted to
It would only be a waste of time
And there's nothing I can do
It still breaks my heart
But I have always understood

News from is home never good

By Mike Mezz

© 2019 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)


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