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Never Ever Had Love Like This


Dear love filled heart of you I must give praise,
The world's hate filled yet with love I'm smothered.
Venus and moon seem removed in their ways
But Venus smoothes and soothes sky for moon's head.
Moon need no longer feel winter's cold ills.
Dear love filled heart of you I must give praise
Though far away your love cure beats all pills.
Moon can get out of bed; the world amaze
With winter brightness, with winter calmness;
You love filled heart cured dear Venus holding hands.
World wide tonight the moon shines with finesse
'Cause Venus your love filled heart by him stands.
Dear love filled heart of you I must give praise;
Winter moon now, wants summer health always.


I've seen moon's bloom night and day, full and lean,
Silver, golden though often white down here.
I've seen winter rains was the river clean
So summer trickles teem with life and cheer.
I've heard songs sung in tree tops enchanting
And even flowers in long grass hum the tune
And seen strange lands by air and seas crossing
But it's been my very greatest fortune
My very greatest life's reward to now
To witness the loveliest things of beauty,
Her voice, her hair, her eyes and lips in flower -
And the beauty in love overcame me.
I've been to Paris and I've been to Rome;
A kinder world would take me to her home.


While face to face stealing personal space
Watching lips' nimble moves with watch me shows,
Those lips that love's own hand did make and place,
Innocent of lusty thoughts that heart grows
Yet breathed forth that 'I am woman - you're man' -
I've marvelled not lips on lips worlds could win.
The tip of your tongue straight to my heart can
Conquer conquests faking thick walls though thin.
Show mercy I'm so weak to tongue and lips;
Move not to parts where pleasure rules the day
For you'll take my will away, sink my ships -
Save my life - make your way my altered way.
While face to face stealing personal space
I face that my future's bound by sweet grace.


You're to my thoughts as moon beams light your hair
Or your breasts fill silken gowns, filled and more.
Richest poor poet of the planet earth fair
I count thoughts made words and know words don't bore.
If tonight my tongue could taste your moon wine
'Twould be to my poetry like nothing else -
Vowels golden, consonants silvered fine,
Images magnificent - though tongue's jealous.
Luckiest poor poet of the planet earth
If every night my tongue could taste you.
Publishers would call me for all their worth
Though my richest gains would be tongue's gains too.
You're to my thoughts as moon beams light your hair -
May the moon be jealous of tongue's sweet fare!


This morning Sun, this winter's fine morning
You called through the window daring me find
As lover, as poet, signs of love pulsing -
Then , not later - beware the rags of time.
Sun, this morning you were her, beaming, bright;
Foolish to wink or blink and miss moments -
A missed smile is missed like the blind their sight,
A missed kiss would build strong fools' monuments.
This morning Sun, I felt her warmth on me
But with one cloud you showed me I'm foolish
For I miss her warmth, her smile daily
This side of the ocean - Time mocks my wish.
This morning Sun, this winter's fine morning
You gave that I might feel what I'm missing.


Here at the window of winter's bright light
Is he - blackbirds and others tell love's tales -
Sweet white butterfly flutters into sight
Central to the tales, calls him to set sail
To follow where with love she might lead him.
From room to world the poet took his words plain,
The full street length he pursued with much vim;
He worshipped her, she chose paths, Paradise Lane.
Tales of the blackbirds mentioned her vigour;
He saw it, and liked it, tried to catch her -
Such beauty, such purity, here on his shore,
Smiles lover-bright, pure delight she did stir.
There at his window plain words poetry-wise
Far away love made summer, no surprise.


Not miles melt dreams nor the whims of past acts
For love's last time round owns more power, more ground
Since this love has something more than earth facts
That distance and local things can't bring down;
No wrong reasons for love, time's made us wise -
Hardy's the plant with lean supplies that flowers.
The mortal moon won't outlast our bright eyes,
Dreams will be bettered, bedded for bragged hours.
Take music's grandest feeling some grand evening
Or painting or film, your greatest visual
Then you've pumps of the heart that's love winging
Over the seas each moment to my soul.
Not miles melt dreams nor the whims of past acts -
Somehow our love supercedes all past love pacts.


Great as the sun's power on earth, your love's great;
Your words from afar shine and loved life grows;
The heart warmed fears not coldness as its fate;
Why! at night your influence's still felt and glows.
As the sun holds the earth on safe paths round
You my love reach over here and hold me.
As the sun's light will always be there found
Your inspiration too will constant be;
Words of love, hope and care beam everywhere.
Here in winter sun I'm tanned more than most
For your love even inside reaches there.
So great's your love to the heavens I boast.
When to the sun I look I close my eyes -
Naked you, no damage was my surprize!


Strengthened is my love though with weakened pen,
For reading you my heart struggles to love more.
Meet me full moon walking the lawns again;
Your poetry will you will see make love soar.
Compare the kisses, my praises compare;
Bolder now I'll be, bold enough to shock
Yet romantic with new words, words that dare.
But the first time, the first time I'll not mock -
Poetry was our trigger, was our blanket;
The poet skilled more in word than direct touch;
Gentle, reserved, waiting but wanting it!
Meet me full moon on the lawns - expect much!
Would love to be bolder, yes bolder be;
Would love my hands to excel my poetry.


Beckon me to come to see your flower bloom
That breathes on earth the air of paradise
And into my mind breathes thoughts - 'Now not soon.'
In good and loving things I gain advice
And in hope of endless peace I grow bold
As your love betters what's best even now
Though more when you in my arms I will hold.
Know my heart's best treasure in your bower
In neither present time nor years unborn
Will be less counted upon in poetry
Or in painting, which love they both adorn.
Oh my lovely, how I crave your beauty!
Beckon me to come to see your flower bloom;
I want you now, not tomorrow nor soon!


He who has his heart's desire on this night
With fruit and cream dished up before his eyes,
May he know he sees Nature's sweetest light
Which though divides his senses which move's wise -
Close eyes? touch or not, to taste or inhale? -
The sight unites in a most wonderful way
For the light that never dies will never fail
To make the man die to his need that day
To live forever in love if he's wise.
I know she never dies but lasts all life
And more, for her heart is proven through sighs.
Oh I would never die to waste a wife
So may I have my heart's desire tonight
And not die alone without your sweet light?


Star that begins the day's end with baby light
And catches the soft eyes of lovers first
If any star signs peace it's you at night
When I'm troubled way down here about to burst.
Seeing you I see her in her silken gown
Far away, sweet eyes shining from within.
Come to clear skies down south from her far town
While summer's heat rises with the day's din
As her winter sings songs with Nature's band.
Star of love you give interviews to all
Who are parted from their lover's warm hand;
You hear delicious details of the soul.
Oh first star in the night shine tonight
On my Lady and reveal my heart's delight.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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