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Am I That Easy to Forget?
They are just thoughts…
Meaningless words upon a piece of paper now,
A song I wrote for you…when you were still happy to be my darlin’…
Then you kissed my cheek as I was sleepin’
And stole off quietly into the darkness of the night somehow.

It’s been thirty days and I’m still sittin’ here…
Searching my soul and wonderin’ how can you leave without regret?
For I believe that you and I…we shared a love of grand proportion…
So, I beg you please to tell me, darlin’…am I that easy to forget?

What did I do…
To make your lovin’ arms not want me?
Or to make your lips…not want to taste the sweet nectar of my kiss?
What did I do…
To make your soft green eyes…turn from mine…and lose their luster?
Oh what did I do, my darlin’…
To make you want to leave and tear my world apart like this?

My friends…they say move on and I say…never…
For you are my one true love and I known that you still love me too,
So, I’ll sit here rememberin’ how you loved me in the moonlight…darlin’
Believin’…that you and god…are just still talkin’ some things through.

It’s now that fortieth day and you have come a callin’
You beg me for forgiveness…as you shed a lonely tear or two,
Telling me, “Baby, I was just beside myself not knowin’ how to love you…
Without losing part of me…inside of you.”

As a tear rolls down my cheek, you reach up to kiss me softly…
And I must ask, “What did I do to make you leave?
As best friends and lovers, we should be talkin’ these things through,
And if we think we need more help to come together…
Well then, darlin’…that’s just what you and I…we ought to do.”

As I hold you cryin’ in my arms, you promise me that you will join me…
Sayin’, “I’ve grown to love you more and more each day since we first met,
And I realized in these forty long days without you…darlin’…
That your sweet love…is just not that easy to forget.”

My Sample Poem for the Let's Talk About Country Challenge

~~This was actually written as a ballad~~


© 2019 MARYT.LIVE (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - LET'S TALK ABOUT COUNTRY (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - LET'S TALK ABOUT COUNTRY (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - LET'S TALK ABOUT COUNTRY (challenge has been closed)

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