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Then She Left me
We had a big fight
On the cold rainy stormy night
She said she had enough
Of our lack of love

She decided to take the three
and be gone by the next morning
She left a note pinned to the door
saying she had it and she would not

Be back any more she took the three
she said they don't belong to you
They belong with me You're not the man
I thought you could be not the father to my children
That you should have been I have trusted you for too long

You made me mad you did me wrong
Now you lost me and I'm out the door
There is nothing in this house I want
Nothing in this house worth fighting about

Memories are to hurtful now freedom is what I seek
From what I was bonded too our marriage license
Isn't worth the paper it was printed on
If you find another that would accept your ways

See what I used to see in your eyes so blue
But our love faded fast and now I see it as a thing
Of the past I wish you luck as my last wish for you
But for us I just can't take it anymore

For sure I will pray your life turns around
But you won't find where I'm going this is a clean break
The Lord will Protect me and the three
For the Lord has his hand on my shoulder

Guiding me into the heavenly yonder
Where we can run through Meadows Green
With sunshine lakes and ponds to fill our sights
With Godly new horizons that could make
me speak of Love again.

By Slightlyslimer

© 2019 Slightlyslimer (All rights reserved)


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