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Where Would I Be Without You?


A woman's mind, with Wind's talents made skilled
Are you, the prime source of poetry for me;
About love, our love - avoiding ill's willed
With the swerve of love, swerving purposely;
With eyes for publishing for love's the need;
For money agreed yet your woman's mind
Swift, powerful, gentle and from failure freed
Like the wind publishes leaves that lovers find
And for love you were first a breeze in spring
Till Wind saw potential for poetry's void
And gently with gentle ways made me sing
Leading me through poetry to challenge Freud.
A woman's mind can feel your talents flow
Knowing my love's worth more through your heart glow.


You make me king where once sad weakness reigned,
Faulty seed sown, now flowers and loved sells well;
Through you, my love to throw away's restrained
Being your bloom, smooth voice lost sales quell.
You make me king where once sad weakness ruled -
I'm lost in wonder of so great a change;
Once things I could not overcome though schooled
Now, find the poet within himself not strange.
You make me king where once sad weakness flawed,
Show how through love the're sweet peace dividends;
That a book record of love by you's adored.
I love my crown - life heads towards grand ends.
You make me king where once sad weakness stormed -
Without such robes lack of love would've deformed.


For you sweet love I've found this red rose wild
To cast its petals in your bath to please
Then we can breathe the same sweet scent with guile.
'Wild Red Rose take us back where my love sees
The wildness of her youth - my youth was tame.'
Dear love take away all dull thoughts taught me
That none is good, waiting's best - fear of blame,
That love's the teacher not action lovely.
Be wild with this too religious boy's flesh
But know my deep love will double pleasure
And spill over you pure poetry, love fresh,
Love felt, love gentle, love's whole wild measure!
Know that now I'm a wizard your youth's made,
Expect the unexpected, though love's staid.


You take the black gown, I'll have the white gown
Knowing we will play opposing love roles
And in the candlelight shadows will frown
To make me ignore your pretty leg peep holes
But since you wish black gown white earn nightly
Learning in darkness there's light and dark's plight
That wrong's long been the banner black for me,
Open the gown for heart's leg peep tonight -
My wish for blackness with flesh with sweet thought,
Bring true so falseness that dark's dark subsides -
Show your pretty leg through blackness - gown's sport
And cleanse my mind that white gown dark thought hides.
Teach me to earn my white gown under black
And know day needs night to gain newness back.


'You say Great Grey Poet you love our Princess.'
'Yes! youngster my heart's favoured with such thought
And my dance to please your eye and impress
Also's for her eye, our Princess at court
But let me put on my neat puppet play
And we'll visit the world, talk of Poet knights,
Tell love stories never told night or day
Knowing our Princess is listening to fights
For her honour, for her hand, and we win!
See her smile but pretend putting up things
But we will trick her and make her join in.
Oh let's see the smiles our puppet show brings!'
'Our Princess you love I see Great Grey Poet
But you love too playing the Poet Puppet!'


When slow grand fame has called us both stand front stage
That best portrays your breasts as beauty's need
May every poet there young to old age,
Present, past and future; talent indeed
Move their eyes to me as your eyes move me
And weakly want your breasts, strong sighs they breathe
Then you reach for my hand and sighs groans free
From every poet young and old who see me thieve
Your heart - with poem? with passion? with what?
My sweet fantasy all else over-rides.
Before the crowd I kiss your breasts - they riot!
Sweet fantasy - oh sweeter my tongue glides!
When slow grand fame has called us both stand front stage -
Know what's in my mind, be mindful of their rage.


If central parts of all were this poet's claim,
Plant sensuous sap not stuck would stick to hands,
Swirling winds would circle poet's words plain
And then bland thoughts would brand minds in all lands
No matter summer muddles rhyme's made shine
For in the midst of most things there's midstream
Which sweeps the swimmer weak or strong to find
Thoughts race, thoughts clear, thoughts drown - to surface beam.
If central parts of all were this poet's claim
His fame would spread within days, out from in.
Oh central parts of all call this poet-lame -
He will laud your inner sanctums with hymn.
Do you know your power over this poet's pen?
Just thinking, pen rises poet of men.


'Love me no more than now' whispered Poet-Heart
Who like the River God in beard and hair
Was silver tongued from love; was bold not daft.
She laughed with river lights on breasts half bare.
'If you love me as little now, not more!'
The river swept down to the sea with woe
For ducks and frogs and fish she heard and saw
And never misread lovers before as foe.
The River God's wind blew flowers from her hair
Into the river weeping down to the sea
And Poet-Heart lept in to retrieve with flair
Showing river how little love can be.
'Love me no more than now' Poet-Heart whispered
Who much laughed when his sweet love's answer heard.


These twenty years knighted, just now with heart -
Searched for The Holy Grail with eyes slowing
For without my Lady's touch fell apart
Until the Grail called both hearts with hymning
And now we are there - two-wayness, one want -
No touching flesh but feeling that reels in -
The best song, the best art, poetry's proud font.
Now we are there, two-wayness, the best thing
And if our hands weere leaves and twigs held tight,
Our lips pure poetry of pen and paper
The Holy Grail's fame would move every knight
Through our song, our art, our word and murmur.
Knights would seek again The Grail lost in time,
Though false love will lead them on a false climb.


The voice of The Good Knight on dragons hear
Who slays them no more for they're much maligned.
Take the Temptation Dragon feared with dread -
Here follows discourse to honour his kind.
'Princess tempt this heart to be not gentle,
Use all your sweet wiles to make my blood boil,
Entice my thoughts, then, and when dreaming to toil
So that in not resisting I'll relish!'
Neither tempter nor tempted deserves sword -
Lay down my life for such dragon's dish.
Kill the dragon? Never! Him I'd reward!
The voice of The Good Knight on dragons hear -
He's their friend though other knights should beware!


Poor spirit's travelling nightly to visit
And flesh follows some way off nagging him
Yet throws off taunts does the poetry spirit
For precious is his daily hour in poem.
No roaring wind, no heavy rain - sun's bright,
Birds sing, night is day, the poet sings his best.
He watches her sweet toes, a moving sight
And from her perfumed P.C. at Love's request
Takes her out of doors to where bright's the grass
And like children run where her feet claim fame
From the poet's eyes and hence flesh makes his ask.
'Walk on my chest, tickle my chin, inflame
Every part of me to participate.'
But it's spirit time, the spirit's time to gape.


Oh no man wouldn't sigh, gained through your high thigh,
For revealed thigh leaves no doubt that thigh wills
And will glows with secrets so dreams don't die
But live like thigh's beauty and man's mind thrills.
Will you, whose inner and outer wonders
That tempt beyond belief, labour my want
So pain makes pleasured pain? - pleased thought ponders.
No doubt bared thigh drank wine at beauty's font.
Light from your thigh delights the eye's no lie!
But beauty should be touched, inhaled, know all men -
Each time checking if one's dreaming each sigh.
Therefore do I reach, therefore do I pen.
Oh no man wouldn't sigh, gained through your high thigh -
When will glows again, all restraint will die!

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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