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Go, Breasts of Beauty, wonder and delight
And hide from eyes of men but you've been seen;
We like the sun have memories which fight
To surface to compete with present scenes.
The sun's rays would bend, men would travel miles
To be the light, to see the light bouncing,
Touching, colouring, warming you; we smile.
We have seen the curve that makes the sun sing,
Makes men fumble, makes them stumble and fall.
The sun is softer as his head lies there,
Men's heads do nod as their eyes rest their soul
And poets among them are worst with their stares.
Oh Breasts of beauty, wonder and delight
May thousands of words 'cept mine, fail mid-flight.


'Who has swum in your wide water, green, blue
In your time, never past your prime poetry?'
'Oh I have romanced man and woman few
Who have not touched more than words praised the sea.'
'What's your secret wide water, lovers' friend
So large, so moody, so peaceful today?'
'Oh I have touched Marilyn Monroe's bend,
Made emperors smile, bend the rules, splash and play.'
Could you wide water help me plan to woo
A most perfect princess with waves gentle? -
With you my chances are high, wet with you
As all who swim in you when sentimental.
Cover our touches from the eyes that sigh
While with perfection wet well, frolick I.'


No longer dream on that which can be yours
Than you will wake from love making with me
As nightmares do restore life from jaws
By flashing fears deeply felt less deeply.
If you dream, let it be not me tonight;
Dream of he who cannot be, for I can -
The poet whom you love whose words will not fright,
Though coax you from dreaming of your loved man.
Daydream no longer, grasp what's yours and hold.
May other poets have your dreams, you have me.
Read me, speak to me, kiss me, be more bold;
Our love grows with less dreams - more reality.
Though I admit my dreams will be missed,
Yet flesh will mock them nightly, 'twould be guessed!


Our words make love where some their words cross swords
And with your phrase, my phrase linked not left lone
They sin in wonderful ways, strike same chords
And lace speech patterns with wine's carefree tone.
Why shouldn't teasing lighten to then heighten
Without cruel undercut, the bond that builds?
Why should our silence speak so to offend?
Sweet nothings are well known love talk not shields.
Our words make love, no hidden thrusts, all smiles -
My phrase then your phrase, then my phrase chasing
Play with our lips, sparkle our eyes - no guiles;
Pure pleasures prolonged, colour our thinking.
As our words make love, bodies don't play dumb -
Most parts of me profess they're overcome.


Lady of Love, look dear looks, miss not swoons
Your lips sweet, speak of kisses yet to come.
Though my lips tell this body 'twill be moons
Thinking lips kissing makes mind weak for some
So lovely lady no sour smiles linger
Rather lips live fuller lives while ripening
And ponder equal sweets, equal ginger
Elsewhere, some walk from lips, with much running.
One should be sad with dilly dally
Yet I grow not impatient for I grow -
Filled with sweet love, sweetness of land and sea -
Sweetness of life swamps my poet wish to know.
Lady of Love, look dear looks, my wink's sad
But in poet's play for far from sad's this lad.


Be my love my love? and I'll be yours too,
Heart not lent, rather given with growth's might
To last, to be the last heart you will woo
Though the same heart, the same party loved heights.
Send me a lock of your hair is my dare
That this wizard-poet can cast spells of love
To hasten the union, hasten the tear
Away from earthly poor love with pain's shove.
Send me a kiss with sweet bliss on the day
That a poem in a daze I write showing
How a love kiss prevents war and dismay,
How a love kiss sets the heart-true singing.
Be my love my love? and I'll be yours too,
Heart not lent but given to make past lives new.


If suitors knew that LOVE you truly are,
Love that makes the heavens dull, Hate seem weak
Then thousands more would dangle their night star,
Send gifts, rise to heights of poesy not meek.
If suitors have studied rich praise deeply
Or face to face have seen your radiance
They have missed their mission on earth sadly
If they've failed to court LOVE's forever chance
But that you are LOVE is in your bright eyes,
The words you speak, your soft touch, gestures grand
And in every line I write, like night skies;
Thousands more knights will come, though Hate would ban.
At first I cursed the suitors for LOVE loves all
But being most loved by HER I walk tall.


The Princess did not look his way yet did,
The Owl watched her sweet hand reach out for him
And the scented air between the two bid
Love overcome the spell preventing them
From a lover's union they so longed for.
The princess glanced his way and gave a smile,
The Owl made sounds that thrilled the night and more.
This he did best and feared his dear owl style
Outshone any prince, broken spell he'd be.
The Princess loved the owl but love plagued her,
Though thrilled to the Owl's love-like poesy
So the Princess reaches, the Owl winks at her.
Laugh not, pity not the Princess nor the Owl -
Such spells allow love in the here and now.


These are the thoughts I've had throughout breath's rush -
Heaven's here, where beauty's pruned of poor growth;
When the mind's ready, noise dies to love's hush.
Your love makes things clear, two loves, life needs both.
The hermit's not in heaven till he loves
And is loved like you love me - heavenly.
Past poor love pruned away, crows culled from doves
Makes the white dove whiter, love more lovely.
These are the thoughts I've had thoughout breath's rush
That I'd find divine purpose for birth-death.
Yes! Heaven on earth's way above the slush -
Loving you, you loving me brings mind's rest.
No robber can rob Heaven and leave Hell,
Even blinded, of your beauty I'd still tell.


Whose is the love that flowering wonderously
Wards off wicked spells sent this poet to dim?
Just one petal in his hand's wizardry
And to inhale would free lust-love from sin.
Whose is the warmth that bathes winter away
And her sweet summer rewards disspell pain?
Within whose sphere has the poet grown each day,
Grown bold, grown in words and great strength does gain?
Whose smile has thrust him with pleasures and some,
Made this man knight, poet, wizard, wished lover?
You! Princess, keeper of my heart, love's fun
But I must refrain from praise the world over;
Your beauty brings forth poesy so persuasive
Every knight, poet, wizard his love will give.


Are we IN love, the height of true romance
Or just love and care, a bond that can climb?
We're in each other's mind, do we there dance
Or walk by with smiles when we have the time?
What do we give to the other in gems?
Dig deep from the giver's inner earth core?
Diamonds for rubies like flowers with short stems?
Gifts that catch the eye, open not heart's door?
Do we woo each day or watch the passer by?
Do we surprise? - enough of this penned poetry!
We are IN love magically - don't know why.
Let's never touch again if love should flee
For lustful body mindless lacks constance.
Oh but I want to tire daily of our dance!


While casting spells with candles, salt and shell
To increase our touch, our flesh, our delight
There's fear poetry of pen with words that sell,
Where alone the mind delves well into night,
Will be replaced by total body poetry -
Thinking back replaced by the now, the eye,
The hand, the skin, the wet, candles, you, me.
Ear to shell, will be bending you and I
Picking up sea shells with salt in our hair -
Clever word flow will be clever tongue touch -
Real world pain will be a one room affair -
Personal space will be embrace and such.
Oh candles, salt and shells let body too
Write poetry that pleasures the poet, past due.

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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