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Each and every prayer is heard.

The cloisters whispered with yesterdays prayers
Softly leading into tomorrow’s hopes and dreams,
The paving was worn with the feet of countless souls
Walking to salvation as yesterday praised the Lord
Just as every tomorrow will do, now and forever more,
On an ancient stone ledge, a robin sang as a lark ascended
For there are many ways to Heaven, and many paths to travel
Even in the furthermost cloistered shadows, the sun peeps through.

And outside, the cross of Caedmon echoed the psalms of long ago
As the modern age sang of Holy nights, and of morning songs,
And from oh so far away came angelic voices remembering
That many still hear with the clarity of crystalline perception
How the world was changed from darkness to shining light,
When so many voices said prayers of remembrance again
And how the world became a brighter smiling land once more
And children laughed instead of wept, secure in their happiness again.

And yet the strangest thing is that a lot of churches lie nearly empty,
No whispered prayers, or beautiful psalms echoing from their open doors
Although now some people carry their churches around inside them,
For the way you act is your church, and the way you treat people
Is your altar, and when you say Amen, you really mean let it be,
Especially when a smile means as much as a blessing on you
And when tears have all dried up so slowly in the breeze and sun
Though one person praying in any kind of church is a full congregation..

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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