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I know Iím not supposed to think like this.
They say I shouldnít dwell upon the past,
As I sit here in this old rocking chair.
But, time has gone by so very, very fast.

Whenever the kids come see us for a visit
They tell me I should live my life today.
But, when I compare life back then to now,
Now isnít quite enough. I prefer it back in my day.

Seems only yesterday that we were newly wed.
The happiness we shared was fresh. Expectations strong.
We knew weíd grow to be a happy family.
We had no doubt that together we belonged.

Life is a lot different from when we began.
Together we share magic, as we have our life long.
But, Iím here now, out rocking on the front porch
Just watching life pass by, humming some old song.

Donít want life to be different, so I sit and rock.
I let my mind drift back and clearly can recall
The lifetime my wife and I have shared.
I wouldnít have the past change at all.

Iím just going to sit here in this soft old rocker
On my front porch and watch what others do.
Let my mind wander to way back when ó
I was younger, making plans. Now Iím through.

By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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