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Truenobleman's Obituary.
My OB, well he had a love of the Arts from the time of boyhood, film, music,

writing, had great interest in history. He loved baseball, even after losing out after making a

little league team, because his father would not let him play because his older brother did

make the cut, had a brief interest in boxing, but, gave it up due to poor eyesight. He made

the 6th grade track team and hit 2 homeruns in a sandlot baseball game at Dinkies Pond Park.

He went on a 6th grade class trip and climbed up to the top of the Statue Of Liberty, always

stuck up for bullied kids, signed up for the US Air Force 18 years old, never was arrested

and never had a speeding ticket.

My OB, he wanted to go to Asia, but, family concerns kept that from reality, his first

girl friend was an Italian girl so on that front he got it right the very first time, she sent him a

'dear john' letter when he went in the Air Force. In the military his love of poetry developed,

writing his first poem he kept in New Mexico on his first assignment to Europe and the

passion remained for over 40 years, He was a fan of tear jerker films, suffered 2 strokes

one in 8/05 and one in 2/06 it changed his view of life, and got past the bitterness after

sometime, and spent the past ten years looking and finding Divine Presence in this

dimension, had a DNR in his medical records, and came up with the pen name Truenobleman

about 15 years ago. He was married going on 4 decades, he had no children.

Truenobleman's Obituary.

By Truenobleman

© 2019 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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