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There is A God.

We see the change in our nation and know it needs God above
We can't change things without his love.
We turn our back on the truth want things the worlds way
Seems we take God out a little more each day.

Started when they took God out of schools
Soon some started by there own rules.
They fight over who to be President oh can't the world see
So many things going wrong things that shouldn't even be.

There is a God just get on your knees
There is a God read the bible and believe.
Look at the beautiful things God made for us all
Turn to God before the world falls.

Our nation our world was made from the God above
Many are turning to there own kind of love.
Getting married no way
Seems now they live together soon part one day.

Our world our nation can't stand alone falling apart slow
Seeds must be planted for us to grow.
Open your heart change your life today don't wait
Turn to God before it's to late.

Thanks sis Donna for helping with the music.

By just_little_me

© 2019 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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