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A Blue Flame Of Emotion

Needless to mention a hurting poetic devotion
It is God's purest Gift, and yet a tribulation

Give up from penning, take a negative reaction
The hurt more painful, even with a slight reflection

You might think it is a boon to be a pen given
never feel free, when being sent from heaven

A duty?, no ! a commitment or an obligation
A mission to fulfill fast, 'nd without hesitation

I do not belong to words;but to mountains' belonging
A soul possessed, to Nature's milky bosom, longing

If that stark silence is then being hauntingly seen
It is s because Summer has shut me in, i fear to sin

I fear the heat might burn my poetic skin
to a zombie !, oh, Gehenna, i shall last in

Summer my seasonal foe, a trigger of spleen
Unlike olden times, a boyhood friend, it had been

Now, time changes and the mind and heart are split
Mind is master, the heart endureS the bitter and sweet

A schism has to frame what is thought and feeling
So, let be living like dead bodies, nothing is thrilling

By truefeeling

© 2019 truefeeling (All rights reserved)


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