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This is our Testimony, of God's Miracle
<> This is our Testimony, of God's Miracle Christmas of '2004'

No one ever said life was going to be easy. That saying never rang so true until my husband Bob went to Iowa City for what we thought to be a routine surgery on his aneurysm. Although we understood it to be major surgery we had been told the procedure had been done for years with much success. We had opted to have the big surgery done while he was a candidate for the stint we had been told that it was still new and one would be glued to the doctors hip with that procedure and if it leaked he'd have to have the big one done anyway. So we thought, lets just have the big one and get it over with. It will be a one-time deal. That morning of December 6th, 2004 the day of surgery Bob was the one that drove down to Iowa City. I had talked my sister Darcy into going with us to sit with me during his surgery. Bob kept insisting I shouldn't go alone. While we all had the normal amount of tension knowing it was going to be major surgery. I had no expectations of anything going wrong. My sister Darcy and I were in the waiting room playing on the computer to pass the time. It seems it must have been about 2 hours into the surgery time when the docto

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