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Elegy On The Olden Golden Times

The long boring days of Summer's heat

A silence as no fly wing, could ever beat

Crickets swoon as they rub their tiny feet

And dozing start as soon as Earth is sunlit

Morning-rise with mercury at top zenith

Shut your self in, and take a cool seat

Melon, water melon fill your big fridge

And iced-water to end, oh what a treat !!!

Been used to Nature, and wild fruits eat

Wild berry used to grow, and prickly pear

An old jean, and a sweater i used to wear

And sing Halim's '' Ahwak '' his greatest hit

Dust in my wake, running fast, and sprint

To a swamp, straight heading, i skipped

Boggy and shallow the puddle yet, so clean

Just duck our heads, into the mud let's dip

The days so hot, so long, joys were so big

No one would care, we were true gipsies

We were kids, so innnocent in our teens

Wish i were gone young, never live in age of sins

By truefeeling

© 2019 truefeeling (All rights reserved)


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