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I woke this morning
It was a lovely day,
The sun was there to greet me
And I felt good in every way.

The birds were singing
I had a spring in my step,
The sky was a summer blue
I was happy I sure was, yep.

Nature was beautiful
I even said morning to some flowers,
I even chuckled to myself
This went on for hours.

Now you're probably wondering
How happy one person can be,
We'll I'll tell you all a secret
Its because I am in love you see.

They say that love makes you happy
But the love I am talking about to you,
Is the gift of love I have for nature
The precious colours all on view.

What better way to start your day
Than to admire nature's wonderful scene,
The beauty the colour such inspiration
Nature is like a wonderful magical dream.

By listener

© 2019 listener (All rights reserved)


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