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A wish, a hope, a living dream.
The garden waited in the rain, draped only in its loneliness
As subtle fragrances hung down, until the sun came back again,
And on bench beneath a bower, a book unopened in the shade
Until the birds sang once again, oblivious of the song they played,
As on the bridge down by the stream, a wish, a hope, a living dream
That waited oh so gently there, as she sat upon the old wood chair,
As from cloud keyholes, sun peeped through, to make her smile again
While from the bushes songbirds sang, their plumage dry once more.

Through the gate striped sunlight shone, notations of a heavenly tune
That echoed softly over lands where only lonely whispers prayed,
Between vespers and the morning’s glow, a sense of silence emanates
Where shadow psalms and hallowed hymns come once again to life,
As far away and long ago, a young messiah had a dream from God
Some have forsaken, yet from the depths of time it comes back again,
Whenever all those who still believe have need of the relief of pain
Not just a wish, not just a hope, much more likely a living dream.

There are places now where children smile, where once they used to cry
Where deserts bloom in holy irrigation, and where flowers never die,
They sing their songs and dance their dreams like many did in innocence
For sometimes we are blessed and given all we need to live once more,
As truth creates the creed of love that we all need and we all crave
Feed the children and they will grow into the congregations ways,
And then they’ll pass their blessings on to others that need to be saved
A wish, a hope, a living dream, another blessed trinity,
Will one day surely come to be…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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