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A gilded reflection.
The walls of the room softly shimmered
Intensely aglow once again,
Like those gold painted moon river ripples
That dance gently away in the rain,
While the dying log smoke of my fire
Curled a sinuous smile in the air,
As I sat like a gilded reflection
Of a dream that had once fluttered there.

The faintest whisper of a name
hung like cobwebs on the air
swirling and creating shadows
of a long ago dream
Reflections on a moonlit lake
meandering in and out
filling my senses to the brim
The fire is but almost gone
but the fires of the dream
will live on until eternity

Chandelier eyes wandered everywhere
Just like crystal ball secrets unveiled,
And Whitby Jet shadows sat silently round
Until midnight’s silk schooner had sailed,
Through the smoke mist of evening’s oceans
I remembered a faraway hymn,
As the chandelier sang through a last veil of smoke
And black satin wiped eyes as the fire grew dim.

Illumination gathers on a midnight horizon
sweet angelic voices
lulling the body to sleep
While the mind wanders through
a kaleidoscope of colours
like a smoke-filled dream
the Universe and I......collide
The fire lives on
smouldering, and flickering
against a hue of darkest blue
The glow lies on the dying embers
tranquil and serene in the knowledge
That in all things, the universe and I are one…

By 33whitby4654

© 2019 33whitby4654 (All rights reserved)


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