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Ode to Galtee Mountains

Galtee Mountains, Irelandís highest mountain range,
Your majestic view, wonderful sky-reaching peaks.
I like hiking, taking a walk along those corrie lakes.
The beauty in Galtees cannot be described in anyways.

At winter see the snowy crust on top of your peaks.
You are more blazing - more amazing then I think.
The dry heath, a unique white Orchid, Spleenwort
on your slopes, the top of Galtymore that stands so tall.

If you knew how I love you in so many ways, your heights.
Glorious slopes, valleys, flora, prehistoric early Christian sites.
Their countless species in grassland habitat, I am an enthusiast,
A hillwalker at St Sednaís Well Clonbeg Churchyard.

Now I must go away with a heavy heart, my time was well spent on
slopes, the Galtees Irelandís highest majestic Mountains top.

August 5, 2019
A Sonnet was written by Zuzanna Musial

Collaboration with Lorna O'Dwyer
She is a photographer from a

By zuzanna

© 2019 zuzanna (All rights reserved)


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