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Blue Jay Returns
Comes like the rain
Makes me blush just with his presence
I can close my eyes
Swaying to the proud accompanist
Said he knew I was an artist
How naturally things come
When Blue Jay Returns

Teased with his essence
Eyes that mirror mine
A change that helps me sleep at night
Your finger will burn forever
I don't want to say too much
He said
With two hands around my neck
How much sweeter things are
When Blue Jay Returns

It's all in vain
Crack for the restless
Refurbished walls
Keep washing the sheets
Yet the canvas remains the same
I can't make his mind change
I couldn't lessen the weight
Of his golden halo
Why do things make less sense
When Blue Jay Returns

Storms in my name
One branch falls hardest
Splitting ivory bars
He knew, he knew, he knew
He felt it, too
Always waiting for
When Blue Jay Returns

By hottea

© 2019 hottea (All rights reserved)


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