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Wait Till You Are Our Age!
They both are buddies from the time past.
They have things to compare, stories to share;
Who had more misfortunes in wives and children,
In health or sickness, their past jobs and retirement.

They wouldnít even notice how the time spent;
They are so excited your eyes pop up in disbelief!
Is he my Dad, with hunched back and unsteady feet?
You bet! Your Dad and mine are living in a life once jolly.

There is a reason for their excitement; nitpicking!
How their kids who were their knee-high, runny nosed,
Now all grown, look down, literally, as if we are their kids!
And talk at the top of their lungs as if we have gone all deaf!

Were not we here long before they were even born?
Donít they ever realize that we have been there, done that?
Who paved the path they are sailing through so smoothly!
Do they think they are the ones who built the thorny road?

Do they know if we still have sane mind if not strong body?
My sons shush me when I ask his friends if I know them;
Looking at them shyly, making excuses for his silly old man.
'Never mind him: He forgets faces or names in a jiffy'!

We have become like their kids, to be seen not be heard!
They have forgotten who ruled the family with an iron hand.
Tell them how we had our bosses under our thumb; trust us!
We have to let them know that we are still alive and kicking.

First, we have to know the members of our family,
Their ages and their names and all about their children.

Ooh, is Rose my wife or yours: donít reckon calling her Lily!

By Suvasini

© 2019 Suvasini (All rights reserved)


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