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America Was His Home

Jimmy Aldaoud was deported
He was American to the bone
He never set foot in Iraq
Arrived here at six months old

Jimmy was born in Greece
Michigan was his home
He was very good at Chess
His health problems were known

Diabetes and schizophrenia
Is what Jimmy battled most
ICE showed up one day
And took him from his home

Jimmy was sent to Iraq
ICE said he had to go
They threw him on a plane
He landed in Baghdad alone

He was living on the streets
Jimmy didn't know a soul
He couldn't get anything to eat
His insulin was dangerously low

'I don't understand the language.
I don't understand the money.
I don't understand the street.'
Jimmy said in desperate worry

Jimmy couldn't speak Arabic
And he had nowhere to go
Someone found his body
He died in Baghdad all alone

Jimmy Aldaoud was fourty-one
He died in a place he didn't know
ICE just sent him to his death
This administration has no soul

Jimmy didn't have to die
In a far off land he didn't know
Today he would still be alive
America was his only home

'Donald J Trump is responsible for his death.'
- Andy Levin, U.S. congressman.

A vigil was held Thursday night in memory of a Hazel Park Michigan man on August 16 who died after he was deported to Iraq. The family of 41-year-old Jimmy Aldaoud has said he died after he was unable to get the medicine he needed in Baghdad.

By Mike Mezz

© 2019 Mike Mezz (All rights reserved)


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