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Dare We Bring Poe, Raven From Darken Gra
Dare We Bring Poe, Raven From Darken Grave

Hating blade yet they are so quick to cut
in glee at dark spilled blood, yet lack the guts
walking forth with halo's, prayers said in haste
may find dark verse is neither bad, nor waste.

Remove your anger and pie from your eyes
life may be wishing but truth never dies
Art's true power, is in poets that are free
as birds in a magnificent bright tree.

When verse sings reality in dark tune
no cloud covers sweetness of golden moon
when inked words are strong, so bold and so dark
poet shows life, even if sad and stark!

We live, we boldly write, we do not cave
Dare we bring Poe, Raven from darken grave!

Robert J. Lindley, 7-30-2019
Sonnet, ( A Poet Must Write What Heart Sings )

By robertjlindley

© 2019 robertjlindley (All rights reserved)


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