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Sitting on my bed with visions
running through my head
Of the military hospital I went to
And was all alone without you!

They said I lost my baby,
But how could that be?
I prayed to you for a Miracle
But you only saved me.

It's so hard being left behind
Taking my child seems like the ultimate crime.
I was bleeding internally you said
But I feel like I'd be better off dead.

No children for me you see
No roots to carry on the family tree
No knowledge what a Mother I'd be
No sense of a real family

I'm angry now feeling singled out
The rest of the family has children about
Me I cry myself to sleep each night
It just doesnt feel right.

No pitter patter of children anywhere
No grand children to play with in my dispair
Oh, I've lived with this knowlege awhile now
But just doesnt seem fair somehow.

I have my nieces and nephews
That I love as my own great news
They feel that void of hoplessness
And I can love them just as much

As if they were my own...

(c) Eva Marie Cagley...

Dediated to my neice Rainbow and her children.

By Raggedyann

© 2019 Raggedyann (All rights reserved)


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