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Rhyming words
Rhyming words

I played a game with my newphew today
Rhyming words and phrases
He is 8 and I well alot older than him.
He said, ' Come on lets begin.'

The dog barked and I sparked
The cat spoke no joke
The tire caught on fire
The swing went higher.

Alot of fun was had by us
Rhyming silly things
He is bound to be a poet
Along with his childhood dreams.

I love to spend time playing
Brings me back in time
To others that loved to rhyme
Learning nursery rhymes.

A teaching tool to read
An out let for cre- ative thoughts
A bag full of forget me nots.
As we can be very silly.

I'll continue to play along
And maybe sing a song
And form those memories in my head
Untill I lay down for bed...

(c) Eva Marie Cagley

By Raggedyann

© 2019 Raggedyann (All rights reserved)


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