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The man behind a mask~
A man I went out with even though I was younger back in the 60's-
Let's call him A man in a mask, he was a young man that had my attention-
The man behind the mask made me feel special-

This man had ideas that he knew about where I didn't expect to do right then-
I felt unsure but turned on to discover about my feelings to find out-
The man behind the mask knew I didn't know much about sex-

We became lovers with me falling in love with a burst of sunshine glowing-
Later the man behind the mask broke my heart shattered my dreams I had
for me & him-

I felt very ashamed what I did also blamed myself for getting pregnant running scare-
I turned to my sister which helped me through the pain & hurt that didn't go away-
Finally my mom along with others in the family hearing about it but no one knew that
I was raped by the man behind the mask-

I lived with the feel of hate for that man as I struggle to make a future with my baby-
Now today I can say with all the thoughts also the struggle I grew into a great mother-
That baby became a very special baby-girl that grew into a blessing to me-
Judy is now a gracious young woman with a heart of gold-

By Baby Kisses

© 2019 Baby Kisses (All rights reserved)


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