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Who really cares? Do you?
People talk about the sad state we’re in.
Some remark we’re on a downward spin.
But, what improvements do you see?

Who really cares? The State is broke.
Money once called surplus is long spent.
Rules protecting citizens were bent.
Now we are vulnerable, you and me.

Who cares? Politicians know best.
We’ll go with the trend and borrow.
To begin with, no one sees the sorrow
caused by reaching past our fingertips.

Who cares anymore? Check the statement.
Our balance looks fine while debt is postponed.
Acceptance fades when brighter light is shone
on politicians taking pleasure trips.

Who cares? We’re at their mercy.
Would some consider possibly~ Impeach?
Just because a politician over-reached
and lined their pockets, given half a chance?

Who cares? They earned it.
Look at how much money the Office cost them.
They would feel bad if it were lost to them.
So, their private bankrolls they enhance.

Who cares? Well, I do.
No one would vote for a convicted thief.
No one expects to be placed on relief.
But, no one does a thing to stop the rape.
They just insist they can’t cut through red tape.

People must like the feeling after ‘while.
Because, although it hurts, they smile
and, never once consider jail for the thief.
“It’s not my fault.” This is their belief.


By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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