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There is Always Hope
There are only so many roads we can travel in this life
Only so many times we can change our direction,
If the journey doesn’t suit you…fine…take a different route
Just remember…the Lord doesn’t demand perfection.

Don’t be afraid to fall in love…
Get married and have a child or two,
Just don’t forget to invite the good Lord in
To bless you both as you begin your lives anew.

There will be times when your marriage feels rocky
So, remember that the Lord is part of your union too,
There is always hope when you reach out to Him together
Just have faith and His love will see you through.

And if the paths you take as you journey through life
Leave you feeling all alone and blue,
Turn to the Lord who has been walking by your side
If you ask for His help…He will gladly show His love to you.

It is my belief that God puts people in our lives
To help us face our daily challenges, sorrows and pain,
It’s just another way He shows us...that there is always hope
And that our efforts to live a happy life will NEVER be in vein.

For the Brain Tease Challenge
The word to unscramble is~~njeouyn~~
The word is~~journey


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