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Carumba and gadzooks and fiddlederall, I say.
No matter where Iíve been, Iíve seen no nicer day.
I argue that the sun does shine, the sky is clear blue.
What more could one want of life, I ask you?

Mountain air is clear and brisk and easier to breath.
Why must people act as though some reason to bereave?
It may be blowing forty and have tree limbs flying by,
but, not to worry of such unless struck in the eye.

Itís mountain air and crisp as well for all to deep inhale.
Just leave down your bumbershoot to certain you donít sail.
Beware of those who would negate your mountain solitude
with variations of complaints that merely mean theyíre rude.

Expect that some may speak of wind and chose to all ignore
the sun and skies of blue like youíve never seen before.
Just suck in a lungful of that crisp mountain air
and, if you wish for somewhere else - pretend that you are there.


By The_Pip2

© 2019 The_Pip2 (All rights reserved)


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