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The Visit
THE VISIT co-written Eva Marie Cagley and Cindy J. Smith

Why are these strangers touching me
Why have they removed my clothes?
Hands everywhere...I can wash myself!
No one reacts to my pleas
Dressed in someone elses' outfit
Where are they taking me?
Who is that person?
Why are you leaving me here with them?
Please, I am scared

Oh, dear she's so confused. I don't know if we should leave her here.
But I'm afraid of her wondering off on her own. So sad she has forgotton who we are. The tears they just keep falling. I know I could quit my job and take care of her. Things would be tight but I just can't leave her here. She looks so lost. And they don't know her like we do.

Her tears don't fool me
She is going to kill me!!
Help, she is reaching in to kill me!
Wait, that smell. lilacs, I remember lilacs
Her arms wrap around me but not tight
She is hugging me!
It feels familiar to be in her arms
I'm in a park with her
Who is she?
We are laughing, happy together
Daughter...she's my daughter!
I smile at her, hug her back
She pulls away slowly...
Why have they left me with you?
Who are you?

Oh no shes forgotton who I am again. I don't know if I can do this. She's becoming a danger to herself and others. She seems so angry. I remember her telling me she never wanted to ho to a home. I feel so guilty but what else can I do.

If I could just get some help from the family maybe I could take care of her. No, I know I am just kidding myself. I will have to take her back...

What is she thinking about?
She is figuring a new way to hurt me
Where is John??? He would protect me
Just like that time at the lake
Isn't the water clear today dear?
We should swim for a while
Who are all those people?
What's on those trays?
She is taking one, oh no
They are in it together
They are going to poison me!
I won't eat it!!! I won't!
Your tears will not help you
I am not fooled
I won't let you kill me
Why do you hate me so
Who are you?
Who am I?

Oh thats my daughter. Why is she being so mean to me. She yelled at me to eat my supper. I won't they can't make me. Who is that woman standing beside her? Do I know her? She's after me too I'm sure of it. Wait shes saying my name do I know her? ' Ethel it's time to go back to your room now. '
What room? I want to go home Where am I? I'm so scared who are all these people.

Mom I'm sorry!

By Raggedyann

© 2019 Raggedyann (All rights reserved)


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