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I See You
I see you

I see you, those who view poetry
Sitting in silence behind the stage
Saying nothing, staying in hiding.

I read some of you, and comment
Cause thats what I do...
Wondering about all of you

Behind pulled shades
I know I get it, your all too busy
For the likes of me

Or think your better at poetry
But I'm just as good
Don't you see

Theres no bad in poetry
It's a self expression
Of lifes lessons

And mine are not the same as yours
So why do you judge me from affar?
Do you think you know me?

Perhaps if you read my poetry
You might catch a glimpse of who I am
But then you don't know me...

It's therapy for me really
Not all about the words that rhyme
Although they do at times.

I sometimes paint pictures
And show not tell
But other times its just as well

I have a vision into beauty
through poetry
It's alive in me.

Sometimes I get a low selfesteem
And think I'm only dreaming
And others well scheming to ruin my day.

I could ignore you all
But then I see your faces
25 views and 3 comments to my name

It's okay its like that for others as well
And meanwhile the words they just swell
Up inside of me...

Like a burnt down tree
I fall to my knees
And feel the warm breeze

Looking for my roots in poetry
Sometimes wondering is it really me?

Or is it you I see?

My roots are strong
My braches green
I'm just another human being...

Escaping thru poetry
In motion...
Thanks for your time...

(c) Eva Marie Cagley

By Raggedyann

© 2019 Raggedyann (All rights reserved)


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