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I Want You More Than Words Convey


Love makes men weak and weak I'm feeling now,
The strongest I've felt for years in Love's fall
And shelve hard tasks thinking soft thoughts each hour;
Wishing ways, yes weak wishing, to claim all,
Secure strongly love in firm grasp's soft hands,
To weakly sigh yet show manly strength's there.
Sitting wishing, wanting action, loud bands
But caveman thoughts give way to Love's weak bear.
Oh I'm weak, I'm weak in love - my strongest -
I think of soft things when hard work's required;
Face nestles when strong hands hard tasks should best.
I'm weak, I'm weak but never been more fired.
I dream of you here where strong men just go
Yet I weekly plan Kings to overthrow!


When I became her lover I saw fire
From her balcony consume half a tree.
I saw therefore I was - was in desire.
I was therefore I saw - saw all of me.
I counted kisses; she neatly printed
Her name inside my mind with lips scarlet,
Love under every letter purring bed.
Half my passion spilled dancing an islet
Of spinning movement quicker and quicker,
Half my beard was richer than before.
The burnt tree in the moonlight became a flower,
Time and a half kisses said now I loved more.
I kissed therefore I was - was half of me.
We were, therefore we kissed - loving madly.


How beautiful this night, too still to sigh;
So I will sing for the evening's ear
And wrap this moveless scene with my best try
As the studded stars patiently do hear
And see the full moon's supremacy roll
Making a mural that Love has painted
To pleasure those of the world awake in soul.
I sang with courage, no humans sighted
'You gentle trees by the moon robed brightly,
Barely heard river basking in silver,
You tinge not our high planet's light slightly.'
'So may pure love from 'far reach me' (murmur).
How beautiful this night, Nature is still;
I sing of love, I am the moon at will.


The Lady in the desert lay all day;
She loved love, she loved love for love loved her;
She dreamed that with love, life would then obey.
The Poet found her in the desert's winter;
He loved that she loved love for he did too;
He dreamed that with love, life would follow on;
They both loved and filled the desert rose with dew.
He went home hoping for sweet union;
She loved but war broke out which scared her
All alone; love did not comfort any more.
The desert Lady lay days no longer,
Dreamed not, busied herself so not poor.
The Poet dreamed on, for love still him consumed.
He failed to see her love no longer bloomed.


Come SilkyGirl let's take a stroll tonight
In moonlight down to the golden elm
By the river to put you in the light
How I love you, how you me overwhelm
Ever since you stole my heart on the net.
This will be our talk as we walk to where
The friendly elm welcomes lovers to sit;
Hand holding, happy my pain you'll help bear
Of sleepless nights missing you far away.
When I have called you sweet-love names my dear
And moved you with sigh and tear to my way
Then SilkyGirl if your wish is made clear
We will let our hearts cure any such pain
Like bunny rabbits again and again!


Unfold, unfold do I! to take in light
From my sweet love who makes my cares lessen,
Worries way over here more short than night.
The love which rises from her thoughts through pen,
Like the sun warms many as well as me.
She deals to those who read and see awake
And those who read dazed for they are sleepy
Miss dew-drops of lovers' bliss - a high stake.
Winter has passed, storms are gone for now,
Life goes on sweetly thinking and reading.
There was a time when cares tolled every hour,
Over lost loves I was ever brooding
But now in summer hot dust over here
Sweet red roses of my love do appear.


Your heart shrinks not though I have felt it less
After talking with you way over there
So beautiful, covering hopelessness
Of distance even the gods deem unfair.
A thought too strange to contemplate too long
For our love too short we feel, too long is
For shrinking love in shrinking hearts to belong.
Large distance yes! but large hearts and large kiss.
It goes like a cat to a dark corner
When it knows it is wrong minded, wrong in deed.
Blame the cat or some other pet or other
But the thought was in me - horrid indeed.
Your heart could never shrink for God made it
Never can that which lives in it - Love's spirit.


The Lady caught me in the woods dreaming
Where I was dancing, rhyming, singing songs.
She put me in her golden book thinking
I might escape but my heart belongs.
The book when opened played love tunes sweetly,
The world loved it as the moon shone golden
And her star love actor went on one knee.
In her land saw a lovely lioness den,
A long way off, a pleasure, a poet's dream.
I went there once, I went there twice for more.
I filled her book, she filled mine - sugar and cream,
Many a smile, many a kiss instore.
I'm not trapped in her book, nor she in mine -
Wish I was, wish she was - 'twould be divine!


In loving you I learned you overcome,
Learned you were more royal than a princess;
You showed dreams mean far more when something's done,
That a knight is noted for his deeds unless
He's a poet and proposes tasks profound
That take years and may be impossible.
Our hearts have grown close, my resolve more sound
To conquer distance who plays love a fool.
No nearer am I to defeating him
Than years ago and this knight is weary
But the Poet grows in strength every poem
Which tells of our great love and your glory.
More spiritual we are now than before;
Our love transends earth's trifling distant shore.


I sad to God 'I'm a father of two,
I show them I love them, could you show me
Your outstanding touch, as a father too?'
Waited to see what His answer would be;
Oh better than having the sun stand still
And more than the gold in the largest mine,
More fortune than left thousands in a will.
Some say it was just a matter of time,
Some say I was lucky and it seems so
But I say God showed me His love today;
Oh no one else had the same gift, though
Thousands of guys' girls confessed love in a way
It will be as love, always remembered,
Treasured, unmeasured, wanted, most prefered.


Looking leeward where sheltered love still longs
North where thousands of poems penned promised shade
As her poetry protects all that belongs
I see anchored feet here makes her flower fade
But our sons, her daughter cannot be left;
Two more years needed, too many for her.
Looking leeward where sheltered love sees theft
By South from where thousands of poems simmer
Who sees forever not two years confined,
Poetry our bond, poetry our second wind,
Her Shakespeare back with Romeo combined,
Faith that love, poetry and more love will win.
Looking leeward where sheltered love lingers
The Poet lovingly posts pure love in verse.


My weakness, my delicasy are you;
All is nice - my virtue, my vice, Poetess.
My passion runs high, plainly lustful too,
You my love are my surprize in excess,
My excitement, my unknown adventure
Drawing me ten thousand miles to desert;
To hot summer's moon-wine romance you lure;
Tomorrow's love beats today you assert
So I'll harvest wheat I've sown then travel
Showing where I sow for rewards I wait
Oh my strength, my desert, my four course meal.
But let me visit if the harvest's late?
My passion runs high, plainly lustful too,
If I could shorten years I'd rush to you!

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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