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Loving You - (I feel much loved)


Through sweet Song's tender mind and body moved
From words' music, and music's true voice swooned
For Song sang bringing delight - felt much loved,
Could hear breathing, could sense smiles - miss would wound.
Mention made of love's symbols famed for melting,
Tears brought when lonely, tears brought of happiness.
Through sweet Songs tender mind and body wing
My way where eagles fly, love's my high nest.
Through sweet Song's tender mind and body write
Words mused of wonder to my mind and blood,
Red in my eyes, red in my hands, Red Knight
Show, the last not least the power of love's flood.
Through sweet Song's tender mind and body moved,
For Song sang bringing delight - felt much loved.


One Voice there is and that's of deep deep love;
Seas look small, mountains send rivers trickles
Compared to the mighty voice humans move
Despite many tiny whispers - heart fools.
Hear deep, deep love with sweetest, finest voice
Cross seas and mountains making them look small
In poetry - age to age will long rejoice.
No song nor music mused could so enthrall;
My ear craves, my mind dwells upon - my heart lives!
Seas' roars subside, mountains erode away
But my love's voice singing sweetly survives.
Listen! thousands of my libraried poems say.
One Voice there is to me - deep, deep love,
Heard in libraries too in Heaven above.


My closed eyes see darkest night with frail light
Lighting your nude form swimming towards me.
In my mind I'm king and will dark warmed night
From every soft and rounded part I see.
Your beauty becomes my kingdom - I'm pleased.
Closed eyes see darkest night with frail light dim
Fall on every full curve and my sight's siezed.
How can but the poet in me pen a poem
To make you live forever in men's eyes
And hope in your dark room you'll enthrone me
To pour out poetry not perused love-wise
In all the written word's long history.
My closed eyes see darkest night with light frail -
As king of my mind your beauty I hail.


What spirit playing river sports lures poets
While moonlight to approach her with interest?
'Tis she! - appears near naked, the poet dotes.
With grace beckons enter warm water's rest;
Mimicking things becomes the game we play
Increasing the skill, smiling with each try
Forming future bonding for more some day;
Ever gleaming, ever friendly, and why?
Love of water, love's antics, love's spirit
Was at play, eyes gazing, lips pouting too.
Glad my love spirit in my poetry felt merit
To come from remote chance to dance and woo.
What beckoning spirit visits my river?
None other than New Love! - stay forever?


Listen! Here's something that's most uncommon
(Silence Envy, attend closely with awe)
Forever I'll be loved by my woman
Beautiful, witty, friend and advisor.
Not turned by rumour - but yes! by passion;
No over filled pride, never folly's child,
Same portions of humour and compassion;
Her sensible soft melancholy's mild.
To the grave she would nurse me though I've sinned.
'Has she no faults then?' says Envy firmly.
Yes her head by praise by the world's not turned
But worse, she loves me too much, too warmly!
Listen! Here's something that's most uncommon -
Poetry's my love yet love she can summon.


Let all the words I've ever said in love
Visit you tonight with gifts of smiling
By your bed and may special thoughts you move
With deep emotions like kisses can bring.
Oh may laughter like the kookaburra
Surprize and delight for love and laughter
Rightfully embrace making life better.
Hear my laughter - hear yours and mine after.
As you're in your bed tonight, I in mine,
Think of all the ways we could ourselves warm.
Let all the words I've ever said, and wine
Fill your mind, your soul, and feel kissed till dawn!
Yes, wish the words I've ever said to you
Would sparkle in your dreams tonight - I do!


My hand does not persuade me I'm older
That holds the pen writing poetry to you.
As words weave women can see I'm younger,
They would love to be the secret, it's true.
Until we meet in Heaven or on Earth
My soul must greet you lovingly daily
Or die each moment striving for life's worth.
Your beauty in my heart - flowerets lovely -
Cascades with nature's signs telling life's grand.
Head resting on your breast how time can rush.
Every atom of me dances steps planned
For youth's vigour meant for behind the bush.
Growing younger every word I write
Your poesy shows me you have the same plight.


There's but one fountain from which spirits drink
When mortals love, sweetly named, Happiness
And with their first embrace and knowing wink
Begins destiny's thanked togetherness.
Fly to the fountain and drink deeply and long
Spirits of ours that long I may hold you
My dear love - be long, last long with much song;
May Angel, Madonna, all others too -
Then spirits of ours - seem miss-spent and sad
Compared with love smiles, love thrusts - our antics.
Fly to the fountain, drink long, make us glad,
Tonight let us feel the fountain's magic.
When mortals love they will have happiness
If their spirits want all-time togetherness.


Oh love thoughts, should I permit your poetry
Become master being - some love-sick soul -
Another that rules while flesh waits patiently?
Should refuse but can no more your love call
To dream, to moan, to tremble and adore,
Feel the beauty of your words with salt tears,
Know that flesh will improve with longing more,
Words said again will thrill ears, lengthen years.
So beautiful is she that I'm jealous
More than ever before, fear, hope, fear, hope
Overwhelm me, so love thoughts and your lust,
Your poetry I shouldn't permit 'cause I mope.
But there's no other master of my being
I'd rather have for love's high's true living.


You fast walked through Deep River Park last week?
Met you and you said you'd come from afar.
You're a spirit with a message I seek?
Your eyes, hair and cheeks like my true love's are
Who lives far away over the seas wide.
Oh prettiest girl in the park, please tell.
Has she sent you with true love to confide?
My love's deep as the river - strong as well -
Take my loving spirit back with you,
To walk where she walks, meet as you've met me? -
To never be lonely, never be blue.
Dear spirit my spirit take, her to see?!
You fast walked through Deep River Park last week -
Here's my message to her - a kiss on the cheek.


Your ample bosom's marvelled at by all hearts
Which without full sight they guess half the truth;
Half light praises more than half sight such parts
Where reigns love leading to dreams of sweet youth.
Oh wish I was younger, wish I was there,
Wish you looked at me like you longed for me.
But for your eyes, your lips, your cheeks, your hair
I'd move to another maiden madly
But I've seen sights in half light that just spoil
My heart's chances of loving love-parts there.
Oh your bosom - fingers wish eyes to foil,
In darkness explore - make other parts spare.
Your ample bosom's marvelled at by all hearts;
I've seen more but wish to sail with all charts.


You have all my love, my love, yes my all.
Love composed my poetry more than most'll know;
Mind, heart and hand agree Love's words enthrall.
Not only eyes word heart's strong moon glow,
While lips played music Love murmured poetry,
While pretty feet danced 'twas Love holding tight.
Could've fled if Love hadn't conquered so easily;
Soul would've been free - seen dancing every night.
Only girls with your hair, only girls with your eyes
Made the heart pump out one word of poetry.
How can one avoid doting love, slave-wise?
Note, gaining me you've gained Earth's greatest sea.
The wind and sun influence me as friends
But all that I am is yours - Love never ends!

By David A. Doolan

© 2019 David A. Doolan (All rights reserved)


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